A Simple Question for Employers: Why Go Gravie?

March 1, 2016

As you’ve seen with some of our recent posts, what our customers say about Gravie is vitally important. We strive to always listen and know what’s most important to our customers, especially as the Gravie community grows.

Over the past few months we’ve had a significant increase in the number of customers that have started using Gravie to provide health insurance to employees, so it’s a good time to give our new customers a chance to state “why Gravie” in their own words.

So, we asked. We sent an informal survey to a sample of new customers with the simple question: “Why did you choose Gravie?”

While many responses were a combination of factors, here were the prevailing themes:

A number of employer survey respondents expressed how Gravie makes insurance convenient, which benefits them and their employees. With the Gravie web-based shopping experience and expert advisors on call, health insurance enrollment is fast and easy. Respondents also stated they appreciated the fact that the entire experience was in plain language rather than confusing industry jargon.

We were particularly pleased to hear how well employers feel “we take care of people,” as one survey taker put it. Customers stated that Gravie gives them peace of mind in knowing their employees have everything they need to feel confident in selecting their health insurance coverage, and supported when they need responsive service from people who take the time to listen.

Pointing to the rising cost of suitable group health plans, the enactment of the ACA, and the increasing time and resources required for in-house plan administration, many of those surveyed found Gravie to be a money-saving solution – for them and for their employees.

Beyond unburdening employers from navigating expensive group plans that, among other things, have minimum participation requirements, Gravie’s approach allows employers to cap costs. That way, employers can effectively manage budgets year-over-year instead of scrambling to cover sometimes steep group health insurance plan premium increases.

Some customers also commented that the controlled cost and affordability of individual plans through Gravie allowed them to offer health benefits, while in the past they simply couldn’t afford to.

Employers are acutely aware of the fact that insurance plays a role of varying degrees within their employees’ lives, and their responses to this question reflect that. The flexibility that Gravie offers in plan options is appealing to employers because it allows employees the ability to do what’s right for them.

With Gravie, employers also appreciate the fact that they don’t have to compel their employees to carry coverage they might not need or want, but instead can provide true insurance independence through access to choices that fit individual employees’ lifestyles and budgets.

Customers also had comments that didn’t fit into the categories above, and often those comments were generally related to trust. These included comments that they were referred to Gravie by someone they trust or that they found their Gravie sales and onboarding team especially trustworthy.

As we look to improve how Gravie serves employers and employees, we’ll keep gathering both formal and ad hoc feedback. Thank you for your input!

Ready to see what Gravie can do for your business? Email us at info@gravie.com, call us at 800.501.2920 or tweet us at @gogravie.

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