Better, more personalized coverage for employees.

Better Benefits

With Gravie, you get better coverage, including access to a national network of top doctors, hospitals and clinics, free expanded care services, pharmacy discounts, and other plan perks.

Personalized Coverage

Finally—health benefits that are as unique as you are. With Gravie, you choose the benefits that meet your individual health needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Gravie Care

Health benefits just got a whole lot easier. When you choose your benefits through Gravie, you get Gravie Care. Need help selecting a plan? Have questions about your coverage? Received a bill you don’t understand? The Gravie Care Team is here to help.


87% of our members would recommend Gravie.

Year-round support

Have an employee that doesn’t understand a bill, wants to know what’s covered, or needs help finding a new doctor? The Gravie Care Team here to make your life easier.

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