The health plan of the future is here.

Benefits that actually give you what you thought you had paid for.

Introducing Comfort®

If you’ve never heard of anything like it, that’s because there’s nothing else like it.

Comfort provides coverage at no cost on the most common healthcare services. All essential benefits are also available with comprehensive coverage.

No hidden costs.
No surprise bills.

When your employees access care within Comfort’s broad, national network.

No-Cost Services

  • Primary Care
  • Preventive Care
  • Specialist Visit
  • Urgent Care Visit
  • Labs & Imaging
  • Generic Prescriptions
  • Virtual Care
  • Mental Health Care
  • Emergency room — $250 copay
  • Brand Name Prescriptions — $75 copay
  • Specialty Prescriptions — $125 copay or no cost after OOPM
  • Non-Preferred Brand Prescriptions – $100 copay or no cost after OOPM
  • Hospital Surgery /Procedure — No cost after OOPM

But wait, there’s more!

We’re partnering with other health and wellness innovators to reimagine what great health coverage looks like. With Comfort, virtual health and wellness services are seamlessly included in your plan.


Your coverage also includes access to virtual and in-person fitness classes.

Access innovative, virtual treatments for back, joint, and muscle pain.

Consult with a physician or mental health professional wherever you are with our telehealth offering.

Zero copays and zero deductible on the most common services. No asterisks.

See how Comfort compares.


Gravie $0 | Traditional $450

Generic Prescriptions

Gravie $0 | Traditional $120 annually

Sick Visits

Gravie $0 | Traditional $30 copay

Gravie staff members come together for a company meeting

Still looking for the catch?

Our members will tell you: there isn’t one.
Hear how Comfort works for them.

Like virtual fitness, virtual mental health care, and virtual doctor’s visits.

What other companies call ancillary care are just part of our plan. In other words, they’re free. Let’s talk about what else we can give you.

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