More savings for employers.
More choices for employees.

ICHRAs enable employers to make tax-advantaged contributions to their employees’ health benefits. Our industry-leading platform makes it easy for employers to implement and manage Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRA). More control over your costs.

More choice and flexibility. More support when you need it.
It’s a Gravie thing.

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New to some —
not to us.

At Gravie, we’ve been helping employers of all sizes facilitate ICHRAs since they were first introduced. In fact, we’ve been helping employers leverage the individual market for employee health benefits since 2013. 

Why choose Gravie ICHRA?

Cost control

Employers can set and stick to a fixed benefits budget, allowing them to better predict and manage costs.

Freedom to choose

Employees are in control of their health benefits, selecting health plans that meet their unique needs, lifestyles and budgets.

End-to-end support

Whether it’s advising on contribution strategies, staying compliant, or helping employees navigate their plans, our licensed benefits professionals are invested in our clients’ success.

How it works


Sets their budget and defines how much they want to contribute to each employee’s individual coverage


Enrolls in the individual health plan that’s right for them, with support from Gravie every step of the way


Facilitates payments from the employer to the members’ accounts, and from the members’ accounts to the insurance carriers via our Gravie ICHRA CompletePay™ payment platform


What our clients say about Gravie ICHRA

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