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Health Benefits You Can Love

Health benefits can be a headache for both employers and employees, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Gravie re-imagines employer-sponsored health benefits for small and medium-sized businesses, envisioning how self-funded plans can work for them and their employees. Through speaking with industry experts on subjects like medical debt and rising out-of-pocket costs, ICHRAs, and underwriting, Gravie Chief Brand Officer and host Jeff Smokler builds out a vision of a better health benefits plan. Because building health plans people love isn’t crazy. “It’s a Gravie Thing”.

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Episode 101: When Out-of-Pocket Means Out-of-Options

Episode guests:
Laura Cave – Chief Marketing Officer, Paytient
Aja Evans – Financial Therapist, Aja Evans Counseling

The plight of the uninsured is well documented, but what is less discussed is how those who have health benefits face financial burden due to limits in their coverage. Access to affordable care is an increasing burden for eligible employees, and too many health plans leave members with significant
out-of-pocket costs that leave them as bad off as if they didn’t have coverage at all.

Aja Evans and Laura Cave join Gravie Chief Marketing Officer and host Jeff Smokler for a conversation that takes a hard look at the financial difficulties facing the millions of insured Americans who still can’t afford medical care, and what innovative health benefits plans can do about it.

Episode 102: ICHRA: The Next Big Thing For Employers?

Episode guests:
Cory Wiskow – President, Wealshire
Brian Blase – President, Paragon Health Institute
Eric Mann – VP of Sales, Gravie

Individual HRA, Individual Market Solution, ICHRA – all three names that can make a simple solution sound complicated. At their core, ICHRAs put choices back in the hands of employees, and remove the unpredictable burden of health plan costs from employers. ICHRAs can allow small and midsize businesses to punch above their weight, making a spectrum of coverage options and health benefit plans available to employees.

For this episode, Gravie Chief Marketing Officer and host Jeff Smokler sat down with a few guests to get the full range of perspectives on ICHRA. Brian Blase, President of Paragon Health Institute, was one of the architects behind ICHRA’s policy rollout in . Cory Wiskow, President of Wealshire, talks about the benefits from an employer point of view, highlighting the benefits ICHRAs offer to both businesses and employees. Eric Mann, Gravie’s VP of Sales, offers insights on how ICHRA’s have impacted the health benefit market thus far, and where he sees it all headed.

Episode 103: Surgical Underwriting®: Moving Beyond The Past to Better Predict the Future

Episode guests:
Jay Sheehy – Chief Underwriting Officer, Gravie
Jalaa Miller – Employee Benefits, IMA Financial Group

For many, underwriting is the black box of the health benefits industry. For years, the calculations, data, and risk factors have been a mystery. But why should it stay that way? Gravie is pioneering a new way forward, called Surgical Underwriting®. It’s a way for employers and brokers alike to get more insight, and more specificity, from the underwriting process.  

In this episode, Gravie Chief Marketing Officer and host Jeff Smokler is joined by one of the architects of surgical underwriting, Jay Sheehy. Jay is Gravie’s Chief Underwriting Officer, with years of industry experience under his belt. To give a look from the consumer side of things, Jalaa Miller, an account executive for employee benefits at IMA Financial Group, joins the show.

Episode 104: Personalizing MSK Care for Better Outcomes

Episode guests:
Jessica Hennessey– Senior Vice President of Clinical Programs, Gravie
Evelyn Chojnacki – Senior Director, Health Plan Product Strategy, Sword

Over the past few years, claims for musculoskeletal, or MSK, care have been fast on the rise, climbing up alongside prescription drug costs. But getting MSK care can be a headache in more ways than one. Trying to figure out what type of provider you need to see, keeping appointments straight, and figuring out copays all add to the burden of having a body in pain. Is there a different way forward? We think so. 

To chat about new innovations in the MSK space, Gravie Chief Marketing Officer and host Jeff Smokler sat down with Jessica Hennessey, Senior Vice President of Clinical Programs at Gravie, and Evelyn Chojnacki, Senior Director of Health Plan Product Strategy at Sword Health. 

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