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Gravie is reinventing health benefits making them easier and more affordable for employers and employees. We’re one part smart tech, one part human touch.

Control Costs

On average, employers save 20%-40% over traditional group plans.

You set the budget with your employees' needs in mind

Your Gravie team walks you through every step of designing, building and executing a custom benefits plan – one that controls your costs and empowers your employees to make their own choices.

How can Gravie help you control the cost of employee benefits?
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Dropping group insurance gives your employees access to government tax credits

Some of your employees are likely eligible for tax credits, but they can only apply for these credits if they aren’t offered a traditional plan. If you’re providing a group plan, you might actually be doing some of your employees a disservice.
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Eliminate Hassle

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We focus on healthcare, you focus on your business

We’ll help your employees with their benefits, so you don’t have to. No more annual renewals, open enrollment meetings, endless rate increases and dealing with insurance companies.

We also stay on top of changing regulatory requirements. The ACA can be confusing and failing to comply with ever-changing rules and regulations can be costly to your business. Our solution keeps you compliant with state and federal law.
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We manage money and payments

You decide how much money you’d like to provide your employees and we take care of getting it to them. Your employees will only be responsible for the balance each month.
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Offer a better experience

Employees get choice

Gravie offers your employees more options than you ever could with traditional benefits. And with Gravie, you’re no longer stuck trying to choose the right benefits. Instead, employees use our marketplace, with help from the Gravie advisors, to choose their own benefits that fit their unique needs. When people make their own choices, everyone’s better for it.

With Gravie Care, your employees have our year-round support

When your employees choose their benefits through Gravie, they also get Gravie Care. This means Gravie advisors are available year-round to help your employees with any and all benefits questions.

Confused about a bill? Need help finding a doctor? Want to know how much a procedure will cost? Whatever it is, we’re here to help.
Everything’s better when Gravie’s on it.

87% of our members would recommend Gravie to a friend or family member.

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