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Gravie works with a select group of insurance brokers, financial advisors, and trusted partners throughout the United States who are passionate about providing the best selection of health benefits to their clients. We offer competitive compensation and exclusive bonus opportunities to our Preferred Partners.

Why we're different

Our health benefit solutions were created to provide employers more flexibility and control of their spend. With Gravie, businesses of all sizes finally have affordable options that provide employees better, more personalized coverage.


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What is Comfort?
What is ICHRA with Gravie?

Control Costs Without Compromising Value

Gravie’s health benefits are designed to help employers control costs, without compromising value. By taking a defined contribution approach, employers are able to set a fixed budget each year and build a competitive benefits strategy around that budget.

Gravie offers several innovative health benefit solutions and works with you to choose and implement the solution that best fits your client’s budget and offers the most value to their employees.

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Health Benefits That Evolve With Your Business

Gravie takes a consumer-centric approach to health benefits by creating solutions and experiences that reflect what employers and employees truly want and need.

As your clients’ businesses evolve, they have flexibility to adjust their benefits strategy from year to year, switching seamlessly between Gravie’s solutions.

A Better Experience With Experts in Your Corner

With Gravie, your clients and their employees have experts in their corner to help navigate the complexities of health benefits, giving them valuable time back and peace of mind that their employees are taken care of.

Employees get Gravie Care. Gravie Care includes support from a dedicated team of advisors available to help employees choose their coverage, get care when they need it, and answer their questions throughout the year.

Gravie’s intuitive shopping tool walks employees through choosing their coverage.
Health Benefits Your Employees Can Actually Use

Health Benefits Employees Can Actually Use

Gravie makes it easy for employees to get care when they need it by removing deductibles and copays entirely with the Comfort plan, or by giving employees the freedom to choose a plan that meets their unique coverage needs through ICHRA with Gravie.

Defined Contribution - How it Works

  1. You set a benefits budget.
  2. With Gravie’s help, you determine how much money you want to contribute to employees to purchase health benefits.
  3. Employees use the money to choose and enroll in coverage through Gravie’s marketplace.
  4. You pay your employees’ premiums through Gravie, and employees’ portions are deducted via payroll.
  5. You can view and make changes to your benefits strategy throughout the year through Gravie’s Employer Portal, and employees get help with all of their benefits questions by contacting the Gravie Care team.
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