Give your clients a better option.

Referral partners have played an integral role in Gravie’s success.

We work with a select group of insurance brokers, financial advisors, and trusted partners throughout the United States who are passionate about providing the best selection of health benefits and services for their clients.

Why we're different

Our solutions were created for employers of all sizes who want more flexibility and control of their spend. With Gravie, small to midsized businesses finally have affordable options that provide employees better, more personalized coverage.

Personalized Coverage

Employees get personalized coverage that meets their unique health needs, lifestyles, and budgets.

Cost Control

Through defined contribution, employers are able to control costs year after year by setting a benefits budget that is in line with their business's goals and employees' needs.

On average, our clients and members save 16% over traditional group plans when they become a Gravie client.

A Better Experience

Gravie will work with you to determine the level of partnership needed to best meet the needs of your clients.

If it’s a good fit, Gravie Care is a free service that allows employers to remove themselves from answering employees’ sensitive and time consuming health benefits questions, giving them time back to do what they do best—run their businesses.


87% of our members would recommend Gravie

Defined Contribution - How it Works

  1. We work with you to select the Gravie product that will best meet your client’s financial goals and their employees’ coverage needs.
  2. Together, we help your client set a budget and determine how much money to contribute to employees for health benefits.
  3. Their employees use the money to purchase health coverage and other benefits using Gravie’s intuitive shopping tool.
  4. Your client pays their employees’ premiums in full through Gravie, and employees’ portions of the premium are deducted via payroll.
  5. The Gravie Care Team is available to help employees during the enrollment process and throughout the year.

Our Products

Gravie's Private Marketplace

A level-funded solution that allows employers to provide better, more affordable health benefits the way large businesses are able to. Gravie’s proprietary solution includes up to ten plans for employees to choose from. All plans provide access to a broad, national network and plan perks.

Gravie’s Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) Solution

Through an ICHRA with Gravie, employers contribute tax-advantaged money to an HRA, which employees then use to purchase individual health insurance plans from a marketplace of options through Gravie’s intuitive shopping tool.

Become a Preferred Partner

If you want to bring innovative, consumer-focused health benefits solutions to your customers, we are interested in working with you. We offer highly competitive and attractive compensation to our partners.

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