Better Benefits for You

By combining smart technology and a human touch, we guide you through every step of choosing, buying, and managing your own benefits. Once you’re all set up, you get Gravie Care. With Gravie Care, Gravie advisors are available year-round to answer questions and troubleshoot problems with your benefits.

Choose Your Benefits

First, see how much money you're getting.

We’ll figure out how much money you’re getting from your employer. Then we’ll check if, based on certain factors like household income and family size, you’re eligible for government tax credits that will lower your monthly payments. If you’re eligible, we’ll help you apply.

Next, shop for the benefits you need.

We gather basic information about you and ask questions about your healthcare habits. We help you think about the features you want and need from your benefits.

Then, get help sorting through all the options available.

You’ll have your choice of many plans, all with different coverage levels. Use Gravie’s website to sort by monthly payment, deductible, insurance company, and more. Take advantage of your Gravie Care to get expert help from the Gravie advisors to choose the right coverage for you.

Pay for Your Benefits

Set up your payments and we'll take care of them for you.

You set up payments with Gravie, and we make sure your benefits are paid for each month. If you’re getting money from your employer, we’ll work that into the equation so as little cash as possible comes out of your pocket.

Take Control of Your Benefits

Take advantage of your Gravie Care.

Gravie advisors are always on your side. This means whenever you have a question about your coverage — whether it’s a confusing bill, a denied claim, you need help figuring out how much a procedure will cost, or more — you have a team of expert advisors, willing to go the extra mile to make your benefits the best they can be.

Advisors at a table

What is Gravie Care?

Every member who chooses benefits with Gravie also gets Gravie Care. This means you’re not alone in managing your benefits. You have Gravie advisors available to you year-round, free of charge. Need help finding a doctor or dentist? Can’t figure out why a claim was denied? That’s what Gravie Care is all about.

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Get it all for free

Gravie is free, including Gravie Care that comes with a dedicated team of Gravie advisors willing to go the extra mile to help you.

How do we make money?

We’re paid a fee that’s built into all plans (regardless of where you buy the plan) from the companies whose products we offer. We have no incentive to sell one plan over another. Plus, our advisors are not paid commissions. Our advice will always be unbiased.

One more thing...

By law, the price of plans found on Gravie will never be higher or lower than the price you’ll find anywhere else. That means you get the plan for the same price you’d get it anywhere else, but you also get Gravie Care.

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