What Employers Have to Say: Gravie is Revolutionizing the Industry

June 15, 2022

Gravie is rebuilding health benefits from the bottom up by keeping the focus on who matters most: the consumer. That customer-centered attention might seem obvious, but it’s long overdue in the health benefits industry.

The savings and improved outcomes numbers speak for themselves, but if you still need convincing, don’t just take our word for it. Employers from organizations large and small, across industries, and throughout the country have shared how Gravie’s modern and innovative approach to health benefits are impacting their businesses and their employees for the better. 

Across all our solutions, we are hearing from employers that we’re making their job of offering health benefits easier.

With Gravie, employers have access to implementation support, year-round account management that includes regular personalized check-ins and comprehensive reporting, and dedicated employee support with access to Gravie Care – altogether reducing administrative burdens:

“With Gravie, I can run our health benefits and a $7M company. Gravie makes it really easy as an employer.” – Rick N., operations manager

“Gravie has saved our company money, time, and headaches. We couldn’t be happier.” – Luke D., director of operations

With consumers at the forefront, we’re always listening and prioritizing clients’ needs and values:

“Gravie pays attention to our concerns and what we need. It just keeps getting better and better” – Heather K., benefits administrator

“We’re so thankful to have a partner that really values our employees just as much as we do.” – Luke D., director of operations

Employee health and wellbeing is always a priority as we put people on a better path to health and help reduce those more costly and catastrophic healthcare encounters:

“Our employees are just happy and doing things they may not have done in the past due to high cost of previous health insurance. They’re scheduling that dermatologist visit.” – Joan S., business owner

“Our population is a lot healthier than in years past, because people aren’t afraid to go to the doctor. There’s a new comfort level with Gravie. I can go to the doctor if I need to and know it’s going to be okay.” – Heather K., benefits administrator

Through all of these testimonials, one thing rings true: Gravie’s approach to how people purchase and access healthcare is working. It’s health benefits made easy, affordable and more effective.

Interested in partnering with Gravie? Reach out and learn more about how our innovative plans, user-friendly experience and customer service to put members on a path towards better health and wellbeing.

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