Gravie Care. Because we really do care.

What is Gravie Care?

Health benefits just got a whole lot easier. When employees choose their health benefits through Gravie, they get Gravie Care. 

Gravie Care includes support from a dedicated team of experts available to help members compare plan options, enroll in coverage, use their plans, and answer benefits questions throughout the year.

Top Questions

• Which plan is right for me?

• This bill doesn't make sense; can you help me?

• Which doctors are in my network?

• How much have I paid toward my deductible?

• Where's the nearest urgent care?

• How much will I have to pay for this procedure?

• How much will my prescription cost?

Consider these questions, and more, answered.

Let us help.

Your employees are just a phone call or email away from someone who's on their side, willing to go the extra mile.