Gravie Care. Because we really do care.

With Gravie Care, your employees are always a phone call or email away from someone who's on their side, willing to go the extra mile.

What's Gravie Care?

When employees choose their health benefits through Gravie, they get Gravie Care. Gravie Care comes with a team of friendly, licensed advisors who have one goal in mind: to make our members’ lives easier. The Gravie Care Team is passionate about helping our members navigate the complicated world of health benefits.

Top Questions:

• This bill doesn't make sense; can you help me?

• Which doctors are in my network?

• How much have I paid toward my deductible?

• Where's the nearest urgent care?

• How much will I have to pay for this procedure?

• Is there a cheaper drug option?

• Which plan should I choose for my needs?

Consider these questions, and more, answered.

Let us help.

Over the phone, on our website, using our app, in person. As always with Gravie, working with an advisor is 100 percent free of charge.