Humans of Gravie: Alan

January 20, 2017


Alan is a music enthusiast. His idea of a day well spent is a day at a record store, losing himself looking for old records to add to his collection. His favorite record is an old Bollywood soundtrack. “It’s kind of like rock and roll, meets Bollywood. It’s off the wall!” he proclaims.

By day, Alan is an advisor at Gravie. Rather than shopping around for music records, he helps people shop for and manage their health insurance. We admit it; finding the health insurance you need isn’t quite as exciting as finding your next coveted record, but it is arguably as important :)

How Gravie is Different from Other Benefits Companies

Alan was drawn to the role of Gravie advisor after learning about it from a friend who worked at Gravie. Alan heard that Gravie would be different from other benefits companies he’s worked for, and that’s provenAlan.png true.

“When you work in benefits, there are times when you must say to a member, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that.’ At Gravie, I rarely get to that point. I can bounce ideas off my colleagues. I can be creative with how I help members. I have more freedom to come up with solutions. I have the power to take care of people as I see fit. Our team does everything we can for a member.”

Benefits of Gravie Care

When people sign up for benefits through Gravie, they also get Gravie Care. Gravie Care includes year-round advice and support from advisors like Alan.

“I think people would be surprised to know everything that we can do to help. Like the fact that we can help with claim issues. Sometimes we can’t do everything needed to dispute or correct a claim, but we can help the member create a game plan for what they need to do.

I’m working with a man whose wife recently had a baby. They had an insurance plan that only covered a specific network of doctors. When his wife went into labor, their doctor was out of town. Their baby was delivered by a different doctor, and that doctor wasn’t in-network under their plan. Their bill was very expensive because everything was charged as an out-of-network expense. He thought it was just the way it was, and that there was nothing that could be done to dispute the claim. It took him two months to reach out to someone because he didn’t realize there was help available to him.”

Understanding Needs and Finding the Right Coverage

The advisors aren’t just helping with complicated issues like these; they also help members choose the health insurance plan that makes the most sense for them each year.

“I help members boil down the options. I ask them questions like, ‘What can you afford?’ and I figure out what they truly need from their plan. A healthy 25-year-old may not need the same plan as a 55-year-old with a history of health problems. And the plan that two 40-year-olds choose may be much different from each other, based on their individual needs.

Choosing the right plan is surprisingly simple when you remove all the clutter. It just takes someone familiar with health insurance to help you figure it all out.”

Unified to Make a Difference

The Gravie advisors are a diverse team. They have unique interests outside of work (like shopping for records and travelling for Alan). Each advisor brings his or her unique interests and experiences to work each day to create one, unified team whose primary goal is to connect with and help our members.

“I’m able to get to know people. When I have down time, I can spend it chatting with members about their lives and their interests. I get to talk about vacations, plans for the holidays. People like to tell their stories. They like to have people to listen to them.

If I hear that another advisor on the team is speaking with a member I’ve developed a relationship with, I’m not worried. It’s nice to have that level of trust in your coworkers. Our members are in good hands no matter which advisor is on the other end of the phone.”

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