How One Company Got More for Their Health Benefits Spend

April 12, 2022

Ideal Printers Gravie Case Study

Like many businesses, Ideal Printers was facing a variety of challenges in 2020, from navigating the pandemic while continuing to serve clients, to dealing with a serious health claims history.

Ideal Printers is an independent, woman-owned commercial printer located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. After 40+ years offering only traditional health benefits, and with renewal on the horizon again, this family business wasn’t confident they could handle another big increase in the cost of their small group fully insured plan. As rates continued to rise, while offering only stagnant or decreasing value for their employees, they were ready to make a change.

Ready for a fresh start with Gravie

In 2021, after running the numbers and comparing our Comfort™ plan’s impressive list of no-cost services with what was offered under their traditional plan, it was clear Ideal Printers needed to make the switch. With Comfort, Ideal Printers is able to offer 100% coverage on most common healthcare services, including primary and preventive care, mental health care, specialist visits, labs and imaging, generic prescriptions, online care and more.

“We’re really pleased. This has been a positive move when historically, health benefits are a huge expense. All you hear about is rates going up. This a breath of fresh air,” said Joan Siewert-Cardona, co-owner and CFO of Ideal Printers, speaking about members’ improved accessibility to healthcare services and unprecedented access to preventative and needed care.

Comfort has led to significant savings for Ideal Printers that they have been able to pass on to their employees. By switching, Ideal Printers saved 22% against their fully insured renewal rates.

From frustrating to helpful

Navigating the world of health benefits often feels like a chore, but the simple and collaborative experience of working with Gravie and their broker has made the transition to a new health benefits partner easy for Ideal Printers.

A straightforward enrollment process, impressive coverage and plan perks, along with Gravie Care advisors who help members navigate the complexities of health benefits have made all the difference for Joan and her team as they aim to meet and exceed the needs of their workforce today.

Controlling costs with more value for members

Comfort makes using benefits and accessing healthcare easier and more enjoyable for all involved, providing true value for every member from day one without steep deductibles or other cost barriers to overcome.

“People are just happy and doing things they may not have done in the past due to the high cost of previous health insurance,” said Joan. “They’re scheduling that dermatologist visit.”

Ideal Printers employee enrollment in Comfort increased from 73% in 2021 to 80% in 2022, and healthcare utilization improved overall for their 83 employees, which can lead to fewer catastrophic claims down the road.

Give your clients a better option

Gravie works with insurance brokers, financial advisors and trusted partners nationwide who are passionate about presenting innovative health benefits solutions to their clients, like Holmes Murphy was able to do with Ideal Printers.

“We are always looking for creative ways to implement solutions that help customers like Ideal Printers recruit and retain their employees while also helping to reduce costs,” said Drew Engebrecht, CC, senior vice president – team lead, EB/shareholder at Holmes Murphy. “Gravie gives us cutting-edge solutions to help our customers improve benefits while reducing costs for the organization and employees.”

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