Health benefits your employees can actually use.

Comfort is the first-of-its-kind health plan that eliminates cost barriers and provides value to all participants, promoting better long-term health and improved customer satisfaction. Comfort provides 100% coverage on most common healthcare services, at a cost comparable to traditional group health plans.


Cost Certainty

Set and stick to a benefits budget that works for your business. And with common healthcare services and generic prescriptions fully covered, your employees have fewer healthcare expenses.


100% Coverage

You get peace of mind that your employees have health benefits they can actually use, and your employees get comfort in knowing they can get care when they need it. Comfort provides access to a broad, national network.


Benefits to be proud of

Thrill your employees with health benefits that eliminate copays, deductibles, and confusion. With Comfort, your employees will trust you have their health and happiness in mind.

No hidden costs. No surprise bills.

When your employees access care within Comfort’s broad, national network.

  • Primary Care
  • Preventive Care
  • Specialist Visit
  • Urgent Care Visit
  • Labs & Imaging
  • Generic Prescriptions
  • Online Care
  • Mental Health Care

Other Services

  • Emergency room — $250 copay
  • Brand Name Prescriptions — $75 copay
  • Specialty Prescriptions — $125 copay or no cost after OOPM*
  • Non-Preferred Brand Name Prescriptions – $100 copay or no cost after OOPM*
  • Hospital Surgery /Procedure — No cost after OOPM

*Copays are associated with Comfort GX plans. These items are no cost after out-of-pocket max (OOPM) on standard Comfort plans.

How it Works

Employees choose their out-of-pocket maximum.

Hurt ankle illustration

Emma hurts her ankle on a run. She visits her doctor for a check-up and an x-ray.



Traditional Plan


Sue takes a generic prescription daily.



Traditional Plan

~$120 annually

Gravie Comfort_Sick Illustration

Roger is feeling under the weather. He heads to the doctor for a check-up and his doctor orders blood work.



Traditional Plan

~$30 copay and ~$220 blood work

Year-round support

Have an employee that doesn’t understand a bill, wants to know what’s covered, or needs help finding a new doctor? The Gravie Care Team is here to help.

Gravie Care Support

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