Brokers: Inspire Recruitment and Retention for 2022 Open Enrollment

June 30, 2022

Open enrollment is fast approaching and, as we head into the busiest time of year, we’re helping brokers prepare for client meetings. At Gravie, our mission is to provide a best-in-class health plan to help our broker partners and employers stay ahead of the competition — and to provide top tier support every step of the way. This is the first in a multi-blog series to help brokers walk into their meetings fully prepped on the latest trends, the barriers clients are facing, and what’s most important to them in the world of employee benefits this open enrollment season.

We surely aren’t the first to tell you that recruitment and retention is top of mind for employers this year. As the Great Resignation continues, one of the most effective strategies for an employer to stand out is through an attractive benefits package.

But what makes an employee benefits package attractive? Healthcare. It’s the bedrock on which all good benefits packages stand. In fact, a recent survey found that 32% of employees say health benefits are as important to them as salary.

What type of health plan promotes recruitment and retention? One that clearly demonstrates value. Below are four characteristics of health plans that make employees (and their employers) feel like their benefits are worth having (and keeping):

A plan with a simple and straightforward design

Too many members of employer-sponsored health plans walk into their doctor’s appointment unsure of how much it will cost them. Gravie simplifies the process by offering Comfort™, a plan that provides 100% coverage on most common healthcare services from day one. Benefits that are easy to use and understand will undoubtedly be seen as more valuable by the member.

A plan designed to be used often

Another hallmark of value is something that is used frequently. Think about it: if you have a gym membership and you rarely go, that membership isn’t very valuable. However, if you’re there every day taking advantage of the amenities provided, you’re much more likely to see the value of your membership and want to hold on to it.

Unfortunately, the traditional model of health insurance has deterred utilization, rather than empowering individuals to pursue preventive care. Gravie is helping turn the tide for health benefits – recognizing that incentivizing people to use the health system before they’re sick is best not only for a member’s health, but also for the pocketbooks of everyone involved.

A plan with more coverage than the company next door (where they’re probably recruiting new employees, too)

While straightforward plan designs can make it easier to access health care, coverage is what counts most. Brokers are accustomed to hearing complaints about services that aren’t covered, but when was the last time you heard an employer rave about what is covered? If your clients adopt a plan like Comfort, which provides coverage on everything from specialist visits to generic prescriptions, be prepared to win the hearts – and the repeat business – of your clients.

A plan that prioritizes the user experience

For too long, the health insurance industry has been dominated by major players who haven’t been forced to innovate or improve. Then came Gravie, taking bold steps to challenge the status quo. Our focus since our inception has been on the consumer. We know that’s where real change begins and long-term satisfaction is sustained.

Our member site is a great example of how we’re prioritizing the user experience. The simple, user-friendly design allows members to instantly find important benefit details, make updates to their profile, upload files securely, and seamlessly connect with our best-in-class support team for any answers to problems they might need help with. It puts all the need-to-know info in one easy-to-use place, with a few helpful extras mixed in.

Speaking of our support team, Gravie Care™ is not a typical member services department. It’s a team of helpful, knowledgeable real people who consistently go above and beyond to demystify the health insurance process, coverage specifics, and more. For employers, it’s a major benefit – and one that is not only a differentiator among health plans, but also eases huge burdens like fielding employees’ health insurance questions.

As a broker, the plans you put forth to your clients can point back to real industry trends. They can help solve problems that confront employers every day, and this year’s top challenge will undoubtedly be recruitment and retention. With Gravie, you can have the confidence of knowing you’re putting one of the most innovative health plans on the table — and then let the numbers speak for themselves. After all, in an industry dominated by negative customer experiences, a 93% renewal rate is definitely bound to grab people’s attention.

Contact us today to learn more and to partner with Gravie this open enrollment season.

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