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Integrative medicine, also known as functional medicine or complementary medicine, is quickly gaining popularity among patients and health systems alike. It’s a practice devoted to helping patients achieve whole-person health, which includes an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. For Gravie Comfort® members, in-network integrative medicine providers are 100% covered.

For many people, whole-person health makes a whole lot of sense. While the healthcare system has become increasingly more siloed, there are also benefits to treat patients in a holistic way rather than targeting a singular disease or illness. Integrative medicine is part of that solution – identifying the underlying causes of a patient’s symptoms and using a combination of therapies and lifestyle modifications to heal them.

Integrative medicine can be particularly helpful for patients struggling with a chronic condition. Some common conditions seen in integrative medicine include cancer, obesity, hormonal issues, infertility, migraines and sleep issues. Chronic pain is the No. 1 condition providers see in integrative care with a reported 75% success rate in treating it.

At Gravie, we’re big believers in whole-person health. Not only is it proven to lead to better patient outcomes, but it can also lead to savings for everyone in the long run. That’s why Comfort covers mental health, preventive care, and visits to in-network specialists like integrative medicine providers.

Employers who want to offer attractive benefits that promote whole-person health need to select plans that have strong coverage for both traditional medicine like prescriptions and labs & imaging, as well as complementary medicine like chiropractic care and integrative medicine specialists. Comfort members have access to a plethora of in-network options for both.

Prestigious systems like the Cleveland Clinic, Duke Health and more are acknowledging the benefits of integrative medicine and adding them to their offerings. One of our in-network providers, the Penny George Institute at Allina in Minneapolis, saw so much success for pain, anxiety, and nausea reduction that they’re expanding the program at 10 of their other hospitals.

Integrative medicine could represent the future of better, patient-centered care. At Gravie, we’re proud to cover it.

After struggling with chronic migraine headaches and not receiving answers through the traditional avenues, I decided to try integrative medicine. It was an experience unlike any other I’ve had in the healthcare system. I felt like my provider took the time to listen to me and encourage my holistic health, instead of just trying to slap a diagnosis or treatment on me. I couldn’t be more grateful that Gravie covered this non-traditional approach to care.

– Comfort Member

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