Securing a Generic Prescription — It’s Covered

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There’s no shortage of news coverage on the high cost of prescription drugs. And with the average American shelling out $1,300 annually on prescription medications, it’s no wonder. In this type of climate, drug coverage should also be a factor for employers and members alike as they select health plans.

All too often, individuals arrive at the pharmacy counter unsure of what their prescription will cost them. This game of roulette isn’t just unnerving, it can also be dangerous. For as many as 44% of people, if the cost is too high, they’ll decide not to purchase a medically necessary drug.

The good news? With Comfort™ , generics are fully covered, which means members can approach the pharmacy counter confident there’s no cost to them. Not only does this provide real, tangible value to members and help them get the care and treatments they need, but it also frees up their finances to cover other needs and wants.

What does “generic” mean?

Generics are copies of brand name drugs that are chemically identical, but typically sold at a substantial discount. They’re equal to their brand name counterparts in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use. In 2021, generics represented 90% of all prescriptions filled in the U.S.

Typically, generics are safe and effective alternatives to brand name drugs, but it’s always important that individuals talk with their provider to confirm that a generic is the right choice for them.

How can Gravie members determine if their medications are generic?

Gravie members can easily search to see how their prescriptions are classified by logging into their Gravie account and clicking on the “Drugs” link from their health plan. If members take a non-generic drug, the Gravie Care™ team can help them determine if a generic alternative exists, or if any other cost savings may be available. And for those rare instances where they do need a brand name drug, it’s just a $75 copay with Comfort.

Affordability should not be a determining factor at the pharmacy counter, and Gravie is helping make that reality possible.

Whether for an acute illness or an ongoing condition, having access to the medications you’ve been prescribed is paramount.  Working with a provider to select generic medications is an easy way to control health care costs, without sacrificing safety and effectiveness. 

Have questions about your prescriptions? Gravie Care has you covered. Give us a call at 855.451.8365 or send a secure message.