Hi There– We’re Gravie.

Reinventing health benefits starts with us: a bunch of hardworking, fun-loving people focused on helping our customers.

Our Story

Gravie’s founders started and led some of the most innovative, industry-changing healthcare companies in the last decade—always building products and services around the needs of real people, tuning out the naysayers and the status quo. At Gravie, the mission continues. We believe everyone deserves better benefits.

Meet the Team

We all chose one inanimate object to be and we all choose different items — like a wrench, a river, a spork, and a rocking chair. Our diversity fuels unique perspectives needed to be successful, but our passion is what binds us together as a team — we care deeply about helping the consumer through the complex world of health insurance.

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How we work together

  • Remove Obstacles

  • Why? Think. Ask. Explain.

  • Reasonable People Do Reasonable Things

  • No Jerk Policy