Where Traditional Health Plans Miss the Mark

November 30, 2022

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For decades, health plans have looked more or less the same, regardless of the insurance provider you work with. Increasingly, they’re missing the mark for employers and employees who have seemingly no other option this time of year. We’ve compiled a list of some of the main problems we see with the traditional health plan model.

Few employees actually benefit

Regardless of how many employees are enrolled in a plan, we typically see that 90% of employers’ healthcare expenditures end up benefiting less than 10% of all employees. This is because health plans are designed only to be a safety net for the very sick rather than a true benefit for all employees to take advantage of in their wellness journey.

Out-of-control prices

Health benefits costs are increasing four times faster than the overall GDP, outpacing inflation. That math won’t add up for long. Premiums are soaring and the average deductible has increased by 68% over the past 10 years. Furthermore, members continue to be nickel and dimed at every turn even after they hit their deductible. The financial barrier keeps getting higher.

Low perceived value and satisfaction

Health insurance companies consistently rank at the bottom of consumer satisfaction. It’s no wonder, with the price barriers previously mentioned and difficult-to-navigate, non-intuitive plans. Steep deductibles make employees feel like they don’t have benefits at all.

At Gravie, we’re passionate about changing this narrative because health benefits matter. They are critical to an individuals’ physical, mental and financial health. And they’re a critical tool for employers in attracting and retaining talented employees who are scrutinizing benefits as they make career choices. New generations in the workforce expect better.

We’re long overdue to solve these problems, and at Gravie it’s been at the core of our mission since the start. With Comfort™, we prioritize the member and their health, leading to significant cost savings for both them and their employer. Comfort eliminates cost barriers, providing 100% coverage on most common healthcare services with no deductible to meet before benefits kick in, giving individuals and their families better access to the services that will keep them healthy.

Allowing access to and coverage for preventive care early and often creates a healthier and more engaged consumer. These individuals are more in tune with their health, and as a result, less prone to needing a visit to the emergency room or experiencing major medical issues. The model is working, and member satisfaction is soaring. Members are saving at least $80 per month on out-of-pocket expenses and saying things like, “I would describe Comfort as being almost too good to be true. For what I pay monthly, and how I haven’t seen a bill yet,” and “Having such good insurance that covers so much and so easily is huge for me. It absolutely impacts looking at future job opportunities. It absolutely sets a standard.”

At Gravie, we understand individuals want access to quality care and a useful benefits solution – not just an expensive safety net for when disaster strikes. With healthcare costs growing at an unsustainable rate, individuals need health plans that truly help them access affordable care that focuses on holistic wellness, and employers need those same plans to reduce the number of catastrophic claims.

It’s a win-win position – offering a health plan that improves people’s wellbeing and reduces costs along the way.

Our goal? A health plan members love. It’s a high bar, but one we believe in. Want to join us? We’d love to talk.

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