How Gravie Helps Brokers Foster More Renewals with Clients

August 10, 2022

Open Enrollment Preparation

When it comes to healthcare, people are often encouraged to “shop around.” They want to make sure they are getting the best value for their or their employees’ dollar. Who can blame them when many traditional health insurance plans are confusing and significantly go up in cost year after year? With open enrollment approaching, let’s talk about how Gravie consistently provides clients with valuable health benefits – no additional browsing needed.

We’re here to make the open enrollment process simpler for everyone involved. For our broker partners, this means having clients who renew their plans year after year because they love their health benefits. With lower renewal rate increases and plans designed for the long term, Gravie is the sustainable health benefits solution.

Lower Rate Increase for Renewals

We know with increased inflation and widespread tightening of pocketbooks, the cost of healthcare can weigh heavy on people’s minds. With Gravie, employers can rest assured they won’t be facing hefty increases when open enrollment comes around. While the national average renewal rate increase ranges from 8-12%, Gravie comes in below national average at 4.4%. Employers save money when switching to Gravie, and those savings are compounded year over year through low renewal increases, making Gravie a sustainable choice.

A Consistent Plan

With Gravie’s Comfort™ plan, employers won’t have to guess what kind of healthcare they will be offering their employees. This plan provides value to members from day one – with 100% straightforward coverage on common services including preventative care, mental health care, specialty care, urgent care, labs & imaging, generic prescriptions and more.

Support – for Both Clients and Members

The Gravie experience goes beyond the health plan. When administrative support is needed, we’re always here to help. For clients, Gravie provides implementation support to help collect necessary information and data. We also work closely with our broker partners to assist clients with year-round account management, including regular personalized check-ins, comprehensive reporting and renewal support.

Plus, Gravie is always there for members through Gravie Care™. This goes way beyond the frustrating call experience many have come to expect with health insurance customer service. Instead, a dedicated team of licensed advisors is available to give proactive support, help members with enrollment, and provide answers to any health benefit questions that may come up throughout the year.

Always Improving

Another reason employers stick with us? We’re continually evolving along with our customers to better meet their needs. While traditional health insurers are bogged down by bureaucracy and a system that restricts rather than empowers access to care, Gravie stands in contrast as incredibly nimble.

With open enrollment just around the corner, members are once again taking stock of their health benefits. How much did they use them? Were they valuable? What services cost the most to use? For Gravie members, we’re confident we’ll see them again in the next plan year – and we have the metrics to prove it.

Our renewal rate is 93%. For years, we’ve been talking about how the health benefits industry needs to put the member first. With plans designed to do just that, it’s clear our model is working – and members are feeling the difference.

Members are always encouraged to get their annual checkups to monitor their ongoing wellbeing, and for brokers, open enrollment serves the same purpose. And by having such a sustainable option at play with Gravie, we’re certain that checking in with clients will be a breeze. With Comfort, your clients are likely to be happy with their coverage, wanting to stay put for the plan year ahead. Just one of the many reasons that Comfort is a health plan people can love. 

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