Welcoming Our First Chief Medical Officer

Greg Burrell

In our mission to fix the broken healthcare system and build a health plan that people love, we’ve listened intently to and worked directly with experts from the medical community. And now, we’re pleased to welcome Dr. Greg Burrell to the team as Gravie’s first-ever Chief Medical Officer.

Providing the best possible health outcomes for members

Dr. Burrell shares our passion for putting members’ health back at the center of the ecosystem. The health insurance industry has long disincentivized individuals from accessing care through high-deductible plans and health benefits that provide little value or actual benefit to members. In this current climate, individuals don’t perceive their health benefits to truly cover what they need, and this leads to many not seeking out medical services as frequently as they should to keep themselves healthy and, in turn, to keep costs down.

At Gravie, we know increased healthcare utilization means driving down claims cost. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ebb and flow, and people feel more comfortable returning to hospitals and clinics for routine medical care, we encourage Comfort™ members to tap into lower-cost services like urgent care or preventive care solutions to get the care they need before a health issue becomes catastrophic.

Straightforward access to routine care

“Gravie has long been focused on healthcare, not just sick care, and I’m excited to dig in and carry on this great work of providing individuals with straightforward, affordable access to care,” said Dr. Burrell. “Supporting members through their medical choices with preventative and routine care that helps put their health first – that’s the way health benefits should work.”

With this new medical and clinical thought leader on our team, we’ll continue to grow and innovate while focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivered to members, and ensuring it’s worth the investment for both members and employers.

As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Burrell will lead Gravie’s integrated clinical operations, including utilization management, case management, population health management and quality management to ensure the delivery of the most effective and affordable medical services to members.

What does that mean for our broker partners, employers, and members? Continued innovation and optimization of our solutions to offer more value and better experiences for every dollar clients invest in their health benefits.

Learn more about Dr. Burrell in this full press release, and see how Comfort is making waves with a wide array of no-cost common healthcare services for members.