Ready for Launch: Making a Smooth Employee Benefits Switch


As we’ve worked with customers to transition their employees to better benefits, we’ve learned what makes a successful launch. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, here’s how we make the process as smooth as possible:

The Go-To

Employees who are invested in their health and financial well-being will no doubt have questions about their options and how any change will impact their specific situation. Questions are a good indication that your employees are engaged and getting real value from the benefits you provide. But employees get frustrated if they don’t know who they can count on for answers. Having go-to experts helps put employees’ minds at ease and builds confidence. Employer leadership and decision makers will need a go-to point of contact too.

We’ve designed the Gravie experience to match this need in two ways.

First, it’s the go-to contact for the employer. When an employer signs on with Gravie, they are assigned a dedicated account manager. This account manager is your go-to contact throughout the year. Your account manager will review our onboarding guide with you, let you know exactly what we need from you (including an employee roster), and work with you to create a communication strategy for employees.

Second, your employees get access to the Gravie expert advisors. This means they have a team of people they can rely on to provide straightforward answers. Whether it’s related to which plan to choose or questions about bills or coverage throughout the year, licensed Gravie advisors are here to help. (Wondering what the most common questions our advisors answer are? Find out.)

The Match Game

It’s no secret that health benefits can be confusing for the average employee. It’s also true that every organization has a unique communication style and preferred channel of communication. Some rely on email or printed documents, some have all-company meetings, some meet in small groups or teams for communication. And of course for many employers, it’s a mix.

So, when it comes to communicating a change in employee benefits, matching the communication style, channel and content to the employees’ preferences is an important step.

After you sign a contract with Gravie, your account manager will work with you to create a communication strategy, based on your employees’ needs and communication style. We use a variety of communication tactics and will figure out which ones make the most sense for you. We introduce Gravie to your employees, explain what they need to do to get health insurance, and answer all questions along the way. We also remind your employees about important deadlines and steps they need to take.

These two pieces are critical for any transition in benefits. Gravie’s account management and advisor teams are here to take the burden off the employer. As you learn more about whether Gravie is a fit for your business, you’ll likely think about how the switch would happen for you and your employees. Rest assured that with Gravie’s experience working with hundreds of unique employers, the transition will be smooth.

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