2017 Employee Health Benefits: 4 Things You Should Know


As you have probably seen in the news, health plan rate increases will affect many Americans in 2017. With open enrollment just around the corner, we wanted to share a few reasons why turning to Gravie for your 2017 employee benefits is a smart decision that offers innovative solutions and personalized support during this time of significant change. 

Your Employees get choice.
Gravie offers your employees more plan options than you ever could with traditional benefits. While it’s likely that some plans will be affected by rate increases in 2017, there will be many plans for them to choose from.

With Gravie, your employees aren’t alone when trying to choose a plan. They get access to our marketplace and personalized help from the Gravie advisors. It’s all part of our smart tech, human touch approach to providing better benefits for all. 

New! Group options available from Gravie.
With the addition of group health plans to Gravie’s benefit marketplace this year, your employees will have more plan and network options than they’ve ever had before. Learn more here: Gravie Group – Now With Gravie Your Emploees Have Even More Choice

Employees can pair their plan with a HSA or supplemental medical plan.
When your employees shop with Gravie for health insurance in 2017, our licensed, expert advisors can also help them determine if a health savings account (HSA) and/or a supplemental medical plan will help save them money. HSAs allow employees to put aside pre-tax money to spend on eligible medical expenses and supplemental medical plans to protect themselves financially in case they have an unexpected injury or illness.
Some employees will be eligible for government tax credits. 
Some of your employees may be eligible for tax credits. When they shop for their 2017 health plan, Gravie’s website and advisor team can help them determine if they’re eligible for these credits. (Tax credits can only be used towards the purchase of an individual health plan.) For some employees, the credits are significant and a great way to lower their costs. 

While the significant changes and rate increases in the health insurance industry may cause uncertainty and even fear, you can count on Gravie as a partner in helping you provide competitive employee benefits.

If you’re interested in getting started with Gravie contact us here or call us at 844.540.8701.