Why Employers Recommend “Better Benefits for All”

August 19, 2016


Anyone that runs a business knows that word-of-mouth is a great source of new customers, and we feel the same way. (That’s part of why we have our employer referral bonus: to say thanks!) There are many reasons why people – especially business owners and non-profit leaders – refer other employers to Gravie. We narrowed it down to a top ten list: 

1 . Both Employers and Employees Love the Gravie Experience

Gravie is a reinvented way to provide “better benefits for all”. The Gravie way provides employers and employees a better experience with our smart tech and human touch approach. Because of that, our current clients and members are some of our biggest advocates. In fact, 87% of our members would recommend us to friends and family. Check out some of the great things our employer customers had to say about us here.  Want more? Check out member testimonials here.

2. Cost Control

Employers save 33% on average when they switch from traditional benefits to Gravie and their employees get equal, if not better coverage. Employers can learn more about their savings by filing out our Dynamic Financial Analysis worksheet

3. You’ll Be Part of a Movement That Offers Employees More Choice

Saving money is great, but for many of our employer customers, it isn’t the only reason they made the switch to Gravie. Many employers want to offer their employees choice so they can pick their own benefits that fit their needs. And saving money isn’t the top priority for employees either. When given a broader set of choices, 50% of employees that use Gravie choose a “richer”, more expensive health plan compared to what they previously had in the group world. 

 4. Employees Get Gravie Care 

When employees choose their benefits with Gravie, they get Gravie Care included as part of their membership. Gravie Care comes with a team of friendly, licensed advisors that are available year-round to help employees with anything benefits related. They have one goal in mind: to make our members lives easier. They do this by taking care of all the stuff employees dread, such as calling insurance companies and researching to find answers. Learn about the most common questions our advisors get in our post: Common Questions from our Members, Answered

5. Employers Get a Dedicated Account Managers

When an employer signs up with Gravie, they are assigned a dedicated account manager who will be their point-of-contact throughout the year. The account manager works with the employer to develop a strategy for rolling out Gravie to their employees, which includes a communication plan, kick-off meeting and enrollment plan. The account manager makes sure the transition to Gravie is a smooth one. Learn more about how the Gravie account managers help employers in our post: Did you know? Top Five From the Gravie Account Managers.

6. Employees Get Access to Government Tax Credits

Some employees are likely eligible for tax credits, but they can only apply for these credits if they aren’t offered a traditional group plan. If an employer is providing a group plan, they might actually be doing some of their employees a disservice. Find out why.

7. We Help Employers Set a Budget with Employees’ Needs in Mind

Gravie walks employers through every step of designing, building and executing a custom benefits plan – one that manages costs and empowers employees to make their own choices. It puts employers in control of their costs while doing the right thing for their employees.

8. Employers Eliminate Hassle

We help employees with their benefits, so employers have more time to focus on their business. No more annual renewals, open enrollment meetings, endless rate increases and dealing with insurance companies. For many employers, freedom from these hassles are significant. 

9. We Help Employers Stay Compliant

Gravie’s compliance team stays on top of changing regulatory requirements. The ACA can be confusing and failing to comply with ever-changing rules and regulations can be costly to businesses. Our solution keeps employers compliant with state and federal law. Learn more about compliance here.

10. You Get a Referral Bonus

When an employer you refer signs up with Gravie, we’ll send you a bonus between $100 – $500 (depending on the size of the employer) in a pre-loaded VISA card. Fill out the form here for each employer you refer.

*The employer must have a minimum of five eligible employees. 

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