Humans of Gravie: Mark

May 29, 2018

The Humans of Gravie series highlights the benefits of Gravie Care featuring stories on our members and the Gravie Care Advisors.

Meet Mark!

Mark is an entrepreneur and author based in Minneapolis, MN. Mark is also a Gravie member.

When asked if he was open to sharing his story with us, Mark generously agreed to meet up. The conversation flowed easily as we discussed the perfect location of his Northeast condo, his love for the local restaurant scene, and the latest fitness studio he visited. When the conversation turned to his experience with the Gravie Care Team, he candidly expressed his gratitude for the support he’s received over the past few years.

Here’s his story.

Losing Group Coverage

For 10+ years, Mark was the CEO and Founder of Hillcrest Media Group, a Minneapolis based publishing company. Then, in August 2016, Mark sold his company. Up until this point, Mark had group health coverage through his business. For the first time in his life, he found himself without health insurance. “I had no idea what to do,” Mark admitted. He knew he needed to get coverage – but how?

Mark quickly realized he was going to need support navigating the individual market. After a little online research, Mark found Gravie. “I was immediately impressed by the website and then surprised to learn that the services for individuals, like myself, were free. My first thought was – why wouldn’t I do this?”

Connecting with Gravie

“For me, sorting through individual health plans on my own felt completely overwhelming.” Rather than go it alone, Mark decided to call the Gravie Care Team for help and was connected with Jillian. “I feel lucky that it was Jillian who answered my first call. I could not have done it without her – there is no way.”

Over the next few weeks Jillian and Mark exchanged several calls and emails comparing plan options, confirming which doctors and clinics would be covered, checking prescription costs, and finally deciding, together, which plan made the most sense for the upcoming year.

“I’ve never worked with anyone in customer service who is so knowledgeable, thoughtful, and helpful. I was blown away by how much Jillian knows about health insurance and how she was able to present it to me in a way that made it easy to understand. As an employer, I’ve always made an effort to hire people like Jillian. Every business wants and needs people like Jillian. Period.”

Ongoing Support

Mark has been a Gravie member for two years now, and has relied on support from the Gravie Care Team through two open enrollment periods. Each year, Mark has felt confident knowing that he has the right health plan to meet his individual needs. “I’ve emailed the Gravie Care Team here and there if I have an issue or question, but the work done during open enrollment leaves me feeling informed and prepared for the year.”

In recent months, Mark has been focused on his next project, DropCap Rights Agency, LLC. As his new business grows, and more employees join his team, Mark plans to take advantage of Gravie for employers. “When DropCap is ready to offer health insurance plans, it’ll be one less business decision to think about. I will 100% use Gravie.”

Whether you are coming to Gravie on your own, or through an employer, you get Gravie Care. This means you’re not alone in managing your benefits. Gravie Care Advisors are available to you year-round, free of charge. Wondering which plan is best for you? Need help finding a doctor or dentist? Can’t figure out why a claim was denied? That’s what Gravie Care is all about.

To get connected with the Gravie Care Team call 800.501.2920 or email

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