Humans of Gravie: Amanda

February 16, 2017


Amanda has the spirit of a teacher, and she applies this spirit to her daily work at Gravie as a Gravie advisor.

“I love helping a member who knows nothing about health insurance get to a place where they understand it well enough that they could explain it to a friend. I want them know why the plan they chose is the best plan for them and then be able to explain that to someone else.” 

She knows it seems elementary, but Amanda wants members to know there are no dumb questions.

“Always ask questions. Don’t leave it to chance,” Amanda emphasizes. “We work with health insurance and benefits every day. We know a lot, and each of us is excited to help.”

Freedom to Focus on Experience

Prior to Gravie, Amanda worked in other customer service roles. The difference, she says, is that in those roles there was pressure placed on the number of contracts she could get signed. At times she felt like she was signing up members for contracts they didn’t understand.

It’s a whole new world at Gravie.

Gravie advisors aren’t commissioned sales people. Rather than having a quota for the number of plans they sell, they’re measured on the quality of the member experience they provide and how well they can solve a complex member problem.

“I quickly realized we really are here to help people. Not only are we expected to do this, but we’re also given the power to do so. This empowerment has helped me gain confidence, and my problem solving skills are so much better because I don’t have to worry about following a script.”

Smiling and laughing makes a difference, too.

“If the member and I can connect at some point, and if I’m smiling or laughing by the end of it, then I know it’s been a good call.”

Small Things Add Up to Big Differences

It’s not just the job itself that is different from past jobs; it’s also the company culture.

“I’ve never been this excited about a job or company. I am excited to get up in the morning to go to work. Every time I talk to my family they say, ‘Amanda, it’s health insurance. You’re so excited. We don’t understand.”

What non-Gravie employees don’t see are the everyday experiences that may seem small, but make a huge difference.

“Shortly after I started at Gravie, one of Gravie’s co-founders, Jill, commented on my haircut and knew my name. Crazy! I feel important and valued here.”

Diverse Personalities Create a Strong Team

When she’s not at Gravie, Amanda spends time with her dog—a 3-year-old Schnauzer mix named Emma. She values family time, especially with her 2-year-old niece who shows off her dance moves on the regular. She enjoys exploring restaurants in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Her current favorite is a local fried chicken restaurant that just opened its second location near her home.

The advisor team is made up of unique, caring individuals like Amanda that when brought together form one, strong collective unit. Gravie advisors help members with their benefits year-round as part of Gravie Care—the unlimited service and support each Gravie member receives when they enroll in benefits through Gravie. At Gravie, we know benefits can be complicated and frustrating, and that’s exactly why Gravie Care exists.

“I’ve been told I’m charming. If I can make you laugh or smile, I know I can help alleviate some of the stress of benefits. But I may also throw some questions back at you to make sure you’re registering what we’re working on. It’s the teacher in me; I’m sorry!” Amanda says, smiling.

Need help understanding your benefits, finding a new doctor, and appealing a denied claim? That’s what Gravie Care is about. Learn more here.

If you’re an employer looking to provide your employees access to Gravie and the Gravie advisors, learn more here.

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