Experts in Your Corner This Open Enrollment Season

September 29, 2022

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Peak open enrollment season is right around the corner – and it’s headed this way fast!  As employers search high and low for new benefits solutions this OE season, one vital feature when weighing new options is quality customer service. Even though it’s often treated as an afterthought in the health insurance industry, customer service is one of the primary drivers of health plan satisfaction.

Unfortunately, we’ve all been on those insurance customer service phone calls being passed from representative to representative, only to find out something isn’t covered. Not to mention the lack of help available during the open enrollment health plan selection process.

Gravie Care™ – Gravie’s answer to the industry’s generally abysmal customer service – is different.

Driving health plan satisfaction

This time of year, so many get caught up in the big question, “which plan is right for me?” Our Gravie Care advisors are here to help new and returning members answer questions big and small about their health benefits options.

Gravie’s custom enrollment platform makes it easy to get started, but when questions arise Gravie Care is there to help individuals understand more about their healthcare options and make smarter choices.

Navigating health insurance always seems daunting, but Gravie’s member experience model empowers individuals by putting industry experts in their corner, and helps members gain the confidence to figure out which plan is right for them — and for employers, which plans are the best fit for their employees.

Open enrollment season – and every season

The Gravie Care team is mindful of each facet of a member’s experience at every turn, offering so much more than your typical customer service department by helping members evaluate and understand their plan options.

Best of all? The power of this refreshingly simple experience rings true for Gravie members year round. On top of helping members evaluate plan options, our advisors are standing by to assist with getting the most out of their plan: searching for providers, verifying network coverage, deciphering EOBs and claims documents, tracking account information, and so much more. Gravie members know they have easy access to a knowledgeable, helpful Gravie Care team member whenever guidance is needed.

Gravie Care is a unique feature that can set companies apart in the competitive hiring market. Every year, employers are tasked with ensuring that the value of their benefits plans is clearly communicated to their employees in simple language. We’re striving to simplify that process, giving employees personalized guidance to select and enroll in the benefits package that best meets their present needs, and helping them manage their ongoing health and wellness.

“Gravie makes it really easy as an employer,” said Rick, Gravie customer and operations manager at All Stacked Up Masonry, Inc.

Get support from a dedicated team of radically helpful advisors to navigate the complexities of health benefits ­and answer questions throughout the year. Contact us.

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