Bewildered by Benefits? We Got You

November 25, 2017

Are benefits leaving you bewildered? With the right advice and experience, selecting benefits doesn’t have to be aggravating or frustrating. When you choose your benefits through Gravie, you get Gravie Care at no cost. Gravie Care comes with a team of friendly, licensed advisors. They have one goal in mind: to make your life easier. They do this by taking care of all the stuff you dread. Things like calling the insurance company and researching to find answers. They’re passionate about helping people, and they’re waiting to help you.

Here are the most common benefits questions our advisors help our members with:

Which plan is right for me and how can avoid paying more than I should?

With our Smart Tech and Human Touch approach, Gravie Care advisors can work with you and your family to find the best available plan, taking into consideration costs, care providers, clinics, services and much more. We’ll have a straightforward, jargon-free conversation about your needs to determine the best path.

How much will my prescription cost?

After you give us the name of your prescription(s) and pharmacy, we’ll search through plan details to check the “tier” to determine its cost. When shopping for coverage, a lot of our members narrow down their options to 2-3 plans and then call the Gravie Care advisors to do some extra research. We’ll help choose a plan based on prescription coverage needs.

Am I able to see my current doctor?

It depends on whether or not that doctor is within the plan’s network. You provide your doctor’s name and location, and we’ll confirm whether they’re in network. The same goes for hospitals, clinics and health systems. 

How much will a specific surgery or procedure cost?

First, advisors will verify that the surgery or procedure is covered by a plan. If it is, they’ll look at the plan’s nitty gritty details to determine its cost. They’ll also verify that a doctor and facility are in-network, as well as any medications, physical therapy and/or other follow-up care. 

What other products does Gravie offer?

In addition to health insurance, Gravie offers dental insurance, vision insurance, supplemental medical insurance, life insurance, and health savings accounts (HSAs). We’re here to help you shop for a total, custom benefits bundle. 

Should I select an HSA?

A health savings account (HSA) is a way to set money aside to spend on eligible healthcare costs. Money contributed to the account is tax deferred and can be used on things like glasses, hearing aids, acupuncture, dental treatments, and more. After we get some basic information, we help you determine if an HSA is a good fit. If you are interested in opening a HSA or continuing to contribute to one you already have, we’ll help confirm that a health plan is HSA eligible and how to proceed.

What should I do? I don’t understand my medical bill.

Gravie advisors are typically able to walk through your bill over the phone. If we need to do a little digging, we connect with the insurance company or the facility where the appointment took place to make sure everything was billed correctly. If we find there was an improper bill, we take the necessary steps to correct the problem and get an updated bill. In other words, we take away the headache of complex bills. 

Our members love the service they get from Gravie Care. For help with these questions and more, email or call 800.501.2920. Watch the video here

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