Smart Tech and Human Touch in Employee Benefits


It’s no secret that technology has touched nearly all facets of modern life. Transportation, shopping, communication, medicine, entertainment, dating, and much more have been made more efficient, cheaper and/or easier with the rise of the web and mobile applications.

Technology also evolves quickly and expectations rise constantly. Think back to your first mobile phone. At the time it was a groundbreaking tool, but now – a short time later in the grand scheme of a person’s lifetime – its features would be woefully insufficient.

In short, as technology gets smarter we expect a better experience. And while technology matters and makes life better, people still matter, of course.

Teams of people design and build the systems that fuel the applications. People align the data and build the algorithms that help predict preferences. But beyond people engineering systems and analyzing data, the human touch of actual interaction often shapes a positive experience as well. Humans have empathy and the capacity for picking up on emotions like confusion or frustration to guide a customer to a better outcome.

The key to a great experience is combining the technology and human elements to match needs.

That’s why Gravie’s customers – employers, employees and individuals – experience what we call “smart tech” and “human touch.” These two elements, together, are what makes Gravie work.


For employers, smart tech enables tools like the Dynamic Financial Analysis as well as the value-added compliance, implementation and communication systems from Gravie’s account management team. The human touch shines through with a dedicated account manager that is an employer’s point of contact for health benefits, from implementation to any day-to-day questions throughout the year.

Employees and Individuals

For employees and individuals, smart tech starts with the intuitive Gravie member website. This provides a straightforward shopping experience for health insurance as well as dental, vision, HSAs and more. Technology also fuels part of the human touch. As Gravie Care advisors work with employees to make choices about their ideal plan, they can review doctors, clinics and costs in real time. When a human to human conversation has common information fueled by an intuitive system, the customer experience is much better.

But the help doesn’t end after a plan has been purchased, Gravie Care advisors also answer questions throughout the year. To do this, they are armed with a view of the customers’ history, plan and coverage details. This means getting answers for customers in jargon-free straightforward language is simple, not just during shopping season, but all year round.

Gravie is different than the typical experience people have with their benefits. This difference comes from smart tech and human touch. If you’re interested in learning how it works, contact us today.