Skin Care Awareness: Your Trip to the Dermatologist is Covered

Gravie_Its Covered

While the sun is shining and summer is finally here, it’s also Skin Cancer Awareness Month, a timely reminder to think about sun protection and preventive skin checks.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S., and it affects people of all ages. The good news? It’s preventable and, if detected early, typically treatable and curable.

However, many people ignore the warning signs. They may think they’re not at high risk for developing skin cancer, or they might be afraid of the bill that will come in the mail after the fact, so a trip to the dermatologist seems unnecessary or out of reach. The Skin Cancer Foundation disagrees. In fact, they recommend an annual, full-body screening by a professional as a critical part of a preventive care regimen.

While most insurance carriers do cover a yearly skin exam, Comfort™ goes a step further. For example, say a preventive screening does detect an abnormal mole — the removal and biopsy are covered by Comfort’s expanded diagnostics, including labs and imaging. What’s more, members can access ongoing treatment at no cost. If they need follow-up care or even regular check-ins, seeing the dermatologist is fully covered, just like any specialist visit under Comfort.

Comfort can help people tackle skin conditions of all kinds, without expensive bills, whether it be a precancerous mole, a strange rash, or a frustrating bout of acne.

Leaving the dermatologist’s with a prescription? With all generics covered, and a substantial proportion of drugs prescribed by dermatologists fitting into this category, Comfort members likely won’t have to pay at the pharmacy either.

It’s all part of Gravie’s mission to change health benefits and empower individuals to seek out the care they need. In a world filled with health benefits designed to deter utilization, Gravie is truly a unicorn. Not only does a proactive model help members value their health benefits more, but it makes lifesaving preventive care more accessible than ever. 

“I’ve delayed regular melanoma screenings for years but decided to see a dermatologist this year, primarily because Comfort coverage made me feel confident that I wouldn’t get stuck with a surprise bill. Turns out I had several abnormal, precancerous moles – one which required a follow-up procedure to remove additional tissue. My final biopsy results came back free and clear of abnormal cells! Thanks for helping me avoid melanoma – a serious and completely preventable condition.” – Gravie Comfort Member

For employers, a plan like Gravie’s is something to get excited about. With benefits that fully cover most common healthcare services, employers can take engagement and wellness messaging beyond the basics, and encourage employees to freely seek the medical care they need, all with the confidence of knowing their Comfort plan covers it. After all, finding health issues like skin cancer earlier almost always means better and more cost-effective treatment for everyone involved.

With warmer temps taking many outdoors — whether by necessity in industries like construction and agriculture, or by choice (working from the patio, anyone?) — May is the perfect time for reminders to slather on that sunscreen and schedule a preventative skin check. And for Comfort members, they’ve got the extra confidence of knowing they’re covered when they walk into the dermatologist.

To learn more about how Gravie can help deliver better health care benefits for your business or client, contact us.