Our Core Values and Why They Matter


At Gravie, our company culture is the heart of how we do business. Our co-founder and CEO, Abir Sen believes that in the service industry we’re in, “culture ultimately determines the winners and the losers” so as you can imagine, we take it very seriously. Our company culture is shaped by many different factors, our core values playing an important role.

Back in April we shared a post about why we threw out one of our core values and replaced it with a new, more accurate one. Because our company culture is so reliant on these values, our leadership team is constantly evaluating them, making sure they continue to support our culture and goals. Here are the values we do business by today:

Why? Think. Ask. Explain.

This is our most recently established core value. It was born to encourage involvement and inter-department curiosity. It sounds so simple, but asking “why” opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Remove Obstacles

We’re here to help. We’re problem solvers. We continuously strive to make things easier and better for our members, employer customers and our peers.

No Jerk Policy

At Gravie, our team is made up of positive people who enjoy working together and removing obstacles whenever and wherever we can.

Reasonable People do Reasonable Things

This one speaks for itself. Our team is made of of reasonable people that exercise reasonable care, skill and judgment at all costs. 

Our core values play an integral role in the types of people we hire and lays the groundwork for how we do business. Ultimately, they are key to our success as they guide us in providing the best service possible to our employer customers and their employees. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our employer testimonials, member testimonials, and case studies.