Better Employee Benefits in 2018


It’s a new year and there’s excitement and possibility in the air. A new year means a fresh start – another chance to become the best version of ourselves. Maybe you’ve made a resolution to be healthier, to spend more time with family or to be a better boss and leader.

With all the ways you may be working to better yourself and to improve the lives of others in 2018, maybe it’s also time to consider changing how you offer employee benefits. There could be a better way. Gravie offers an array of options when it comes to health benefits – pre-tax or post-tax individual marketplace, private exchange, and traditional group plan options – our job is to provide an informed recommendation of which approach makes the most sense for your business based on your budget an benefit goals. (Check out this post that outlines our popular approaches.)

Here are just a few of the benefits of switching to Gravie:

  • With Gravie, employers use a defined contribution strategy allowing them to control costs by choosing how much additional income to provide each employee to purchase benefits through Gravie’s marketplace.
  • Gravie offers choice. Employers choose the benefits approach that’s in line with their goals, and employees choose the benefits – medical, dental, vision, life, and more – that meet their needs.
  • Unlike traditional brokerages, Gravie offers ease of experience. Gravie is backed with technology that empowers employees to easily shop for, enroll in and manage their benefits. Gravie is easy for employers too, since they avoid the hassle of benefits administration.
  • Gravie provides an adaptive approach to better benefits. As the legislative landscape changes, and as employees’ and employers’ needs evolve Gravie offers innovative solutions.

It’s a new year and a fresh start. Find out if there’s a better way to offer employee benefits. Contact us today