Myth: I’m Throwing My Employees to the Wolves By Dropping My Group Plan


Employer-sponsored health insurance has been around for the better part of a century, and over time both employers and employees have come to believe that their traditional group plans are the gold standard. Many employers tend to believe that dropping your group health insurance plan means you’re essentially throwing your employees to the wolves to fend for themselves.

In reality, however, there are some real problems with traditional group plans (such as limited choice and escalating costs, to name a couple). Using the individual market is better for you, as an employer, as well as for your employees.

With Gravie, your employees will have a level of support that your group plan never could have competed with. When it’s time for your employees to pick a plan in the individual market, our advisors will be there to help your employees sort through all the options available to find the one that has the features they need: the doctors and locations, deductibles, prescription drug copays, covered procedures, and much more. Advisors are also available throughout the year to help employees find new doctors, figure out how much a prescription will cost, and understand or dispute a denied claim. Your employees won’t be thrown to the wolves; they’ll always have the support of Gravie advisors on their side.

So what does this mean for you as an employer? Transitioning to individual health insurance with Gravie takes you out of the equation when it comes to dealing with the day-to-day issues that so often arise with administering health insurance. Just think: no longer will your employees have to bring their sometimes-personal health insurance-related questions to work, and no longer will you have to spend company time on non-business related activities.

When you decide to transition from your traditional group plan and sign on with Gravie, your account manager will be there to walk you through the process and answer all of your questions. From determining the amount of additional compensation you’ll provide your employees or how to ensure that you remain fully compliant with the latest regulations of the ACA.

Gravie account managers are also hands-on when it comes to the onboarding process to make sure your employees are comfortable and ready for the transition, and that all of their questions are answered.

The bottom line is that when it comes down to it, traditional group plans are on their way out and the individual market and Gravie are on their way in. The best part? All of Gravie’s services are available at no cost to you or your employees.

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