Press Release: The Minnesota Healthcare Consortium Partners with Gravie to Offer ICHRA Health Insurance Option to Member Organizations


MINNEAPOLIS (Oct. 7, 2020) — Minneapolis-based benefits company Gravie was selected by the Minnesota Healthcare Consortium (MHC), a joint powers group of seven of Minnesota’s regional service cooperatives, for the administration and brokerage services of the new Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA). This new partnership with Gravie provides an additional offering to help meet MHC’s members’ healthcare coverage and affordability needs. The partnership comes at an important time, when employers are looking for more predictability and peace of mind than ever before in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our members need more options to address health care coverage and affordability,” according to MHC Executive Chair Paul Brinkman. “Gravie has proven solutions for ICHRAs. We are excited to partner with Gravie to present yet another alternative for group coverage for our member employers and employees.”

Healthcare costs continue to rise at an unacceptable rate, and organizations are looking for creative ways to control benefits spend while still offering competitive plans. With the Gravie partnership, MHC members who choose the ICHRA will work with Gravie Care – advisors who can support members in navigating claims, networks, bills or other unfamiliar health benefits territory. Likewise, Gravie account managers support employers by taking on much of the administrative burden that employers are less equipped to deal with.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Minnesota Healthcare Consortium to bring Gravie’s ICHRA solution to public employers and non-profit entities across Minnesota,” said Gravie CEO Marek Ciolko. “Combining the significant advantages of offering health coverage through ICHRA, with the administrative simplicity and ease of use of a comprehensive fully-integrated platform, Gravie’s solution is unique in the marketplace, and offers unparalleled flexibility and cost savings to both employers and their employees.”

The Minnesota Healthcare Consortium has regional centers in Rochester, Mankato, Sartell, Mountain Iron, Fergus Falls, Thief River Falls, and Marshall, Minn., and have been providing services to school districts, cities, counties, other governmental agencies, and non-profits since their authorization by Minnesota Legislature in 1976. 

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About Gravie

Gravie’s health benefits are designed to with employers and employees needs in mind – to help control costs, without reducing coverage, raising deductibles, or compromising value for their employees, and providing better experiences for all. Gravie uses a defined contribution model that allows employers to set a fixed budget each year and build a competitive benefits strategy around that budget, with expert guidance. Gravie’s health benefits disrupt traditional models by offering more transparent and immediate coverage – even eliminating barriers like co-pays and deductibles and creating experiences that incentivize individuals in getting the care they need.  With Gravie, employers no longer have to navigate the complexities of the health benefits industry on their own, and employees have access to better, more tailored benefits that they can actually use.

About Minnesota Healthcare Consortium

MHC is a joint powers group of seven of the state’s regional service cooperatives in Minnesota. Service cooperatives are public, nonprofit cooperatives designed to provide a variety of services to their participating agencies which include school district, cities, counties, other governmental agencies, and non-profits. Statewide there are hundreds of organizations with thousands of members participating in the Minnesota Healthcare Consortium. MHC negotiates statewide stop-loss pricing, administrative discounts, and lower healthcare costs. We are dedicated to empowering and engaging our members in lifelong health and well-being