More Benefits. Fewer Asterisks.

You’re looking at the future of health benefits.

We’re a different kind of health benefits company.

We believe that great benefits shouldn’t come with a whole lot of asterisks.

No hidden catches

Benefits that work the way you thought they would.

No complicated jargon

We make it simple to understand your coverage.

No unexpected costs

When it comes to health coverage, it’s good to be predictable.

A photo of a Gravie Member at work

We made a better health plan so that you can use it.

We call it Comfort®. With Comfort, you get a plan with no deductible and zero copays on most common healthcare services — the kind our members actually use.

Know what you’re getting.

When your health plan is simple and straightforward, you’re more likely to get preventive care and less likely to visit the ER.

Know you’re getting more.

With Comfort, benefits like virtual musculoskeletal care and virtual mental health treatment are just a part of the plan.

Know we’ve got your back.

With Gravie Pay®, you can pay for the health care you need now, interest-free.

Everyone loves
a good stat.

We have the kind that will make the other guys jealous.

20 %
less spent on claims

Compared to traditional plans, Comfort members really save.

61 %
savings on out-of-pocket costs

When out-of-pocket costs do arise, Comfort members still pay less than for traditional plans.

15 %
employer savings

Our members aren’t the only ones who save. Employers spend less on premiums compared to their prior carrier renewal offer when switching to Gravie.

67 %
of employers see an increase in Comfort membership

In year two of offering Comfort, employers are seeing more employees choose the plan than they did the previous year.

93 %
of employers choose Comfort again

Comfort retention rate is significantly higher than the marketplace average.

We believe in offering benefits worth bragging about.

Hear how small and midsize employers are giving their employees more with Gravie.

We have thoughts on that

Read our latest thoughts on the issues shaping our industry today.

A quirky illustration of the curiously stable rate cap, featuring an anvil tied to a balloon

Keeping Rates Grounded

For many employers, it feels like health insurance rates continue to float higher and higher out of reach – especially for small and midsize businesses…

What’s better than knowing you have
reliable coverage when you need it?

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