Mental Health Challenges are on the Rise — How to Support Your Workforce


The state of the world today is riddled with lingering pandemic-related stressors, leaving people everywhere struggling with new levels of depression, anxiety, burnout and loneliness while at home and at work. This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week, and it feels especially timely given all this — and unfortunately, the feeling of non-stop stress that so many people are experiencing is only heightened by the lack of resources available to help manage it.

According to a recent survey from the Society for Human Resource Management, only 32 percent of HR professionals say offering mental health resources is a “high priority” for their organization. The companies that don’t offer mental health resources cite reasons ranging from simply not considering offering them, to being unsure about which benefits to provide.

The indecision on which resources to provide, paired with an overall lack of support from companies today, is causing even more stress for people. Gravie recently partnered with Wakefield Research on a study that shows consumers are concerned about the high costs impacting their access to healthcare, increasing medical debt and the lack of mental health coverage. Nearly 71% of consumers stated that their health plan does not cover mental health, and two-thirds of consumers are concerned that their current mental health coverage does not address the needs of themselves and their families.

At the same time, stress is known to impact worker productivity, resulting in unexpected time off and even causing people to quit their jobs. About half of full-time workers who left a job in 2021 did so, in part, because of mental health reasons. That number skyrockets to 81% for Gen Z workers and 68% for millennial workers.

The aftermath of the pandemic is blatantly demonstrating that mental health needs to become a top priority for all organizations. Yet, inadequate provider networks, unreasonable criteria to qualify for coverage, and cost barriers continue to hinder companies from including mental health resources in their benefits package. It’s time for that to change – not just because people need easier access to care but because it’s good for business, too. 

Not just a priority – the top priority

Comfort™, Gravie’s health plan that provides 100% coverage on most common healthcare services, including mental health care, puts the consumer’s overall wellbeing first. Members have no-cost access to in-network office visits for mental health care, just as they do for any specialist under their Comfort plan.

In addition, through Teladoc Health’s expanded care options, members now have access to personalized, targeted mental health care in a single, comprehensive experience. Combining digital, app-based tools, and coaching expertise from Teladoc’s therapists and psychiatrists, individuals can get the level of mental health support they’re seeking and the type of care that best suits their preferences.

No one should be burdened with administrative and financial barriers from their health plan when they’re in need of mental health care and support. When workers are feeling stressed and need an outlet to vent; when they’re coping with the loss of a loved one, or when they’re experiencing mounting feelings of burnout, Gravie’s innovative health benefits solutions are here to help.

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