How to Inspire Action: What Your Employees Actually Need From You


When it comes to working in a start-up or any business with a unique approach to solving a big problem, taking a close look at what’s broken about the status quo comes with the territory. In considering what it takes to inspire business leaders and their employees to join the Gravie “movement,” and what it takes for those same employers to stay with Gravie, we recently looked to a popular TED talk from Simon Sinek. If you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend it.

Sinek stresses how important (and rare) it is that customers and employees understand the “why” behind what a business does, in addition to the “how” and “what.” Sinek states that all customers and employees know what a company does (builds widgets or sells services), most know how a company does what it does (with specific features or processes), but very few truly know why. And it’s the “why” that inspires. The “why” moves prospective customers to act, businesses to innovate, employees to work together, and individuals to coalesce into a movement.

At Gravie, we treat our “why” as our guiding principle. The “why” behind Gravie is the belief that when individuals – as opposed to businesses/employers – are empowered to make their own choices about benefits, the outcomes are better. These better outcomes include health insurance plans that fit an individual or family’s needs best in terms of costs and coverage. Better outcomes means happier employees and business owners being relieved of financial and decision-making burdens.

Our “Why” – When Individuals Are Empowered to Make Their Own Choices, the Outcomes Are Better

From this fundamental “why,” we build on the “how” and “what.” How Gravie works for employers and employees will continue to adapt. This means providing alternatives to traditional group health plans, hybrid models of coverage and exchanges, and more. These options will also serve the end vision of providing choice to individuals today and tomorrow. The point is, the how is always in line with the why.

As the Gravie movement grows, we’ll continue to strive to provide a “how” and “what” that match our “why.” In Sinek’s TED Talk, he also highlights that a critical goal is to do business with people who believe in what you believe in. If you want to learn more about Gravie’s “why,” and how it can help you provide better employee benefits, we’d love to talk.