Get the Most Out of Your Benefits – Use Your Gravie Care


2018 Open Enrollment has just ended, but that doesn’t mean support from Gravie has to.

At Gravie, we know health insurance can be a headache. That’s why when our members choose their benefits with Gravie, they get Gravie Care. This means you’re not alone in managing your health benefits – you have a team of expert advisors available to you year-round, free of charge.

Your Gravie Care Team is able to tackle your health benefit problems, big and small, so you don’t have to! Here are just a few examples of the many ways we can help:

Claim support. Whether it’s understanding a confusing bill or appealing a denied claim, you get help managing claims with Gravie Care.

Network coverage. Accidentally going out of network for a healthcare service can be costly. You can contact our expert advisors at any time to confirm network coverage, to find a new doctor, dentist, urgent care clinic — you name it.

Cost comparisons and checks. We can research the cost of a procedure, identify cost savings opportunities, and request estimates for benefit plan coverage. With Gravie Care, you can budget better for healthcare costs, and can even get recommendations on how to save money (like trying a new pharmacy).

Plan benefits. You may have benefits you’re not taking advantage of (like gym discounts), or need help checking how coinsurance will work for a visit to a specialist. Whatever it is, the Gravie Care Team will help you uncover the nitty gritty details of your plan, and help you use your benefits wisely.

Overall benefit package. We help you evaluate your entire benefit package, and make recommendations for dental, vision, supplemental medical and life insurance coverage.

The Gravie Care Team has one goal in mind: to make our members’ lives easier. Each one of our advisors loves a good challenge and they’re eager to provide you with the support you deserve. Learn how we helped one of our members, Mary, solve a complicated problem which resulted in huge savings.

As a Gravie member, know that you’re always a phone call, or email away from someone who’s on your side, willing to go the extra mile. Take advantage of your Gravie Care by calling 800.501.2920 or email We’d love to hear from you!