Get Donuts for Your Team (with a side of Gravie)


Last fall, the Gravie marketing team stormed the streets of the Twin Cities with one mission. To deliver giant donuts and spread the good word about Gravie to local businesses. We called it Project Donut. 

What do donuts and Gravie have in common? Not a heck of a lot, but like donuts we make people happy. Here are just a few of the ways Gravie will make you and your employees happy:

  • Employees get access to our intuitive online shopping platform and year-round concierge services. Our Gravie advisors, who are also licensed agents, help your employees with questions about anything related to their health insurance so you don’t have to.
  • Help employees in determining if they’re eligible for government tax credits (which employees can only be eligible for if purchasing a plan in the individual market). If they are eligible, we help them access these credits and apply them to the cost of their plan.
  • Help you avoid and/or minimize costly ACA penalties by providing employers with access to a self-insured Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan administered by Gravie Administrative Services LLC.

When it comes to employee benefits, now you can have your cake (or your donut) and eat it too. Because with Gravie, you can lower your health insurance costs, eliminate the burden of administering a plan, and stay compliant all while providing your employees with better benefits than you ever could with your group plan.

We want the opportunity to show you why Gravie is a great fit for your company. Now is your chance to learn more and enjoy a donut treat for your office:

Contact us during the month of May to schedule an appointment, and we’ll bring donuts for the whole office! (Just mention “donuts 2016” and we’ll set it up!)