Better Employee Benefits in 2017

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Whether you’re sweeping up confetti from last night’s festivities, recovering from too much champagne or just waking up after a cozy night in, it’s a new year and there’s excitement and possibility in the air. A new year means a fresh start – another chance to become the best version of ourselves. Maybe you’ve made a resolution to be healthier, to spend more time with family or to be a better boss and leader.

With all the ways you may be working to better yourself and to improve the lives of others in 2017, maybe it’s also time to consider switching to a defined contribution approach to employee benefits. With Gravie’s help, employers design, build and execute a custom benefits plan – one that manages costs and empowers employees to make their own choices. Gravie account managers work with employers to set a budget with employees’ needs in mind. Then, with help from licensed Gravie advisors, employees use the money to choose their own benefits that fit their unique needs, which employees happen to love (check out our post: The Best GIft For Your Employees This Year). With Gravie, you also avoid the time-consuming paperwork and compliance hassles that often come with administering traditional employee benefits because we do most of it for you.

Best of all, once you’ve saved money, reduced administrative burden, and made your employees happier by providing more choice and expert help, you’ll be able to focus on what you’ve set out to accomplish in 2017 by hitting the gym, spending time with family or working on those leadership skills. Cheers to a new and better year!

To learn more about switching to Gravie’s model of defined contribution benefits, join our upcoming webinar – What Employers Should Know About the Cures Act: Why This New Law Means More Affordable, Broader Options for Employee Benefits. In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The new era of employee benefits
  • The 21st Century Cures Act and what it means for employers
  • How to get started with Gravie

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