2017 Employee Benefits and Gravie: More Choice, More to See



At Gravie, we’re reinventing benefits by making them easier and more affordable for employers and employees.

We’re able to do this because we’re dynamic. We shift, bend and adapt to the constant changes taking place in the health insurance industry. A recent example of this: As you’ve probably heard in the news, individual heath plan rate increases will affect many Americans in 2017. As a result, we added group* health insurance options to our marketplace, offering your employees more plan and network options than they’ve ever had before. Read more about it here

We’ve also added other products and services to our marketplace to make your life and your employees’ lives easier. Did you know that in addition to health insurance, we also offer dental insurance, life insurance, supplemental medical insurance, and HSAs? We also offer ACA compliance services and as always, our Gravie advisors are available year-round to help your employees with their benefit questions. 

As what we offer becomes broader, explaining it simply is important. That’s why we put together this brief “how it works” video: 

Want to see how our customers describe Gravie? Well, we have videos for that too: Accessible Space: Video Case Study and Creatis Marketing Services: Video Case Study.

If you have questions, just let us know. We’d love to chat about how Gravie can work for you and your employees. 

*Group options through Gravie are currently only available to employers in Minnesota, Illinois and Texas.