Meet the Gravie Care Team

February 4, 2020

Health benefits can be complicated, and we know those long, confusing conversations with customer support are never fun. At Gravie, we make it easy.

Every Gravie member gets Gravie Care, which means you’re not alone in managing your health benefits. You get quality, personalized support from a dedicated team of experts available to help year round, at no additional cost.

Whether you need help choosing the right plan, finding a new doctor, or understanding a confusing bill, we’ve got you covered.

“We’re here to put our members first. My goal is to connect with each and every member on a human level – showing empathy, transparency, and kindness – to deliver the most personalized support.”
-Lynnette Simpson, Gravie Care Advisor

Ready for better support? Here are the top ways to take advantage of your Gravie Care:

  1. Get the right coverage.We know there’s no such thing as one size fits all. That’s why our team of licensed Gravie Care advisors will walk you through your plan options and help you successfully enroll in coverage that meets your unique health needs, lifestyle, and budget.
  2. Know where to go for care.Let us do the research. The Gravie Care Team is here to help you find a new doctor, the least expensive drug option, and confirm everything is covered.
    • Find a doctor. Time for a new provider? Let us help with your search to find a doctor that fits your unique needs and preferences.
    • Know your network. Accidentally going out of network for healthcare service can be expensive. Before you receive care, you should always verify your network, and we’re here to help!
    • Cost comparisons and checks. We’ll help you find out the cost of a procedure, identify savings opportunities, and request estimates for benefit coverage on your behalf. With Gravie Care, you can budget better for health care costs and get recommendations on how to save money (like trying a new pharmacy).
  3. Navigate your plan.We’re here to walk you through the specifics of your plan and make sense of things when it gets too complicated.
  • Claim support. Let us help you make sense of a confusing bill or appealing a denied claim.
  • Plan perks. Don’t miss out on all your plan extras (like free, on-demand fitness!). Your Gravie Care advisor will make sure you are well versed on all of the great benefits your plan has to offer.

Connect with Your Gravie Care Team

You can always reach the Gravie Care Team by sending a secure message at or call us during business hours at 800.501.2920. We’d love to hear from you!

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