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November 24, 2021

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In this “It’s Covered” series, we’re delving into the many healthcare services that Comfort™ covers that most traditional plans do not.

For most of us, our gut reaction when our doctor tells us we need to get an advanced test like an MRI is, “that sounds expensive.” And that reaction is completely valid – according to the New York Times, the cost of an MRI in the U.S. can range anywhere from $250 to more than $4,000.

Most health plans offer some kind of coverage for labs and imaging, but patients with private health benefits often face high (and sometimes unpredictable) out-of-pocket fees for these services. In the U.S. private insurance marketplace, patients very commonly pay coinsurance when undergoing advanced imaging, both in and out of network.

There are many reasons a doctor may order an MRI, or any other scan or lab work. Generally, these tests can help the doctor identify what is causing a health issue so that they can diagnose accurately and prescribe a treatment plan. But what happens when the fear of an unexpected bill from one of these advanced tests keeps people from actually getting them? That is a tale that has become all too familiar.

No hidden costs and no surprise bills here.

With Comfort, it’s a different story. All labs and imaging associated with an in-network office or clinic visit are fully covered.

Here are just a few examples of some situations when members can easily access no-cost labs and imaging services with Comfort:

  • Emma hurts her ankle on a run. She visits her doctor for a check-up and an x-ray.
  • Roger is feeling under the weather. He heads to the doctor for a check-up, and his doctor orders blood work along with a COVID-19 test.
  • Lorenzo sees a specialist who orders a CT scan to examine the status of a blood clot in his leg.
  • Maya is in remission from breast cancer and goes to the clinic for a diagnostic mammogram.

Critical tests like these can help individuals catch issues before they escalate into major health problems or conditions. Most benefits providers don’t consider these tests “preventative,” but at Gravie, we absolutely do.

Diagnostic imaging and lab tests reduce medical guesswork and help patients safely determine which treatment they need. Increased access to labs and imaging services means better care across the board.

Many individuals might traditionally think these kinds of tests and services warrant an emergency room visit, and they might put them off for fear of the high out-of-pocket costs. But offering this complete coverage encourages individuals to seek alternatives such as primary care visits and urgent care that will lead to improved health outcomes in the long run.

To learn more about accessing no-cost labs and imaging with Comfort, contact us.

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