Keeping Rates Grounded

August 15, 2023

For many employers, it feels like health insurance rates continue to float higher and higher out of reach – especially for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). As costs rise for all, one employee injury or complex pregnancy can wreak havoc on next year’s rates.

Employers are left feeling like they don’t have any control of their health benefits programs — and this is unsettling, since it’s often their second largest expense next to payroll.

Unfortunately, it looks like rising costs for many employers aren’t reversing anytime soon either. A Willis Towers Watson survey found employers projected that their healthcare costs would increase by 6% in 2023, compared to the 5% increase they experienced in 2022.

While costs continue to increase, most employers find that value remains stagnant.

Employees continue to view their health plans as merely a safety net for if they happen to get really sick, instead of a tool that helps them prioritize better health.

So how do employers ensure stability for the years ahead? It starts with having access to a plan that is grounded in stable rates – both now and in the future.

In partnering with Gravie, employers can expect renewal rate increases that average at an impressively low 6.9%. So how do we do it?

When I think of traditional health insurance, rate increases always come up. With Gravie’s approach, we’re able to define exactly what we want to spend.

Jeff Nordeen, Co-founder and Partner, NordicClick Interactive

Surgical Underwriting®

Gravie takes a more precise and predictive approach to underwriting, looking beyond just the previous year’s claims data to determine rates, and customizing them for each employer group. By predicting risk and pricing our offerings more accurately, we can pass savings on to our customers.

Plans designed to promote savings

Our Comfort® plan offers zero deductible and zero copays on most common healthcare services. No-cost preventive care services help members stay healthy reducing the likelihood of them needing more costly, invasive healthcare services. The result? A 20% reduction in claims costs.


Level-funded plans like Comfort are skyrocketing in popularity among SMBs, and for good reason. This funding mechanism mitigates financial risk for employers and may even result in a refund at the end of the plan year if premiums outpace claims.

Plans with a level-funded design like Comfort aren’t just promises full of hot air, offering a strong rate cap without anything to back it up. At Gravie, on average, 92% of our employer groups offered our 2-year rate caps receive the offered increase or lower.

This enrollment season, SMBs will come to the table seeking stability. With innovative plan options like Gravie’s – where the rates stay grounded – they’ll be in good hands.

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