Introducing the Gravie Portal for Employers

February 22, 2019

At Gravie, removing obstacles and reducing the administrative burden of health benefits is a core part of our customer experience, one we’re always working to improve. That’s why we recently launched the Gravie Portal. The portal allows employers to easily access important account information and make updates without having to go through Account Services for every request, saving time and giving employers more control.

Here’s how:

View your profile.

At any time, log in to your account to verify your company contact and billing information, view your current and past Gravie benefit programs, and review monthly fees.

Access and update employee information.

Your portal account will give you access to a list of all employees detailing their program eligibility, the date range they are set to receive dollars, and current employment status.

From the employee list view, you have the ability to make updates to employment status and dollar contribution amounts for each employee. Here are a few examples of administrative tasks you can manage within the portal:

  • End Employment. If an employee leaves the organization, or is no longer eligible to receive employer dollars, you can “end employment”
  • Add Employee. If you hire a new employee, or an existing employee becomes newly eligible for benefits, you can “add employee”
  • Update Contributions. If you need to change the amount of money an employee is eligible to receive, you can “update contribution”

Renew your benefits program.

Each year, you have the option to renew your existing benefits solution or to make a change. For employers who are happy with their existing benefits solution, we’ve made it possible to self-renew.

A few months prior to your renewal date you will be able to log in to your portal account and self-renew your current Gravie program!

You will always be able to discuss your options for the upcoming year with your account manager if you are interested in exploring a new benefits solution or would like help renewing your existing benefits program.

Ready to get started?

If you’re a Gravie customer, let’s get your Portal account set up! To get started, send a quick email to requesting access to the portal.

Once we receive your request, we’ll send a welcome email with instructions for creating your account.

You can always reach out to the Gravie Account Services Team at or 844.371.8832 with any questions!

If you are an employer interested in getting to know Gravie, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out by calling 844.540.8701, or send an email to

We created the Gravie Portal with one goal in mind – to make employers’ lives easier. This is just the beginning. Over the next several months we will continue to add new features to make managing your benefits solution simple and painless. Stay tuned.

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