Getting the most out of your Gravie health benefits

February 19, 2024

Enrolling in an insurance plan can often feel like a gamble. We’ve gotten used to placing bets on how much could go wrong, building our safety net around potential worst-case scenarios.

At Gravie, we offer more than just a safety net. We put our money where our mouth is with our Comfort® plan, giving members access to more free healthcare services, more coverage and more resources compared to other benefits providers. That’s healthy living made less complicated.

So, how can you take full advantage of your Comfort plan in 2024? By using it!

In contrast to many other health insurers, we love to see members use their plan. Every time Gravie picks up the bill, it means one of our members is accessing the care their mind and body needs — and it will likely lead to fewer emergency visits and less costly care down the road. That’s when everyone wins.

Take a look at all that’s covered. (Hint: a lot more than most plans!)

Many people avoid going to the doctor or getting a professional opinion about an area of pain or health concern for fear of what the bill will be.

Let us put you at ease: our Comfort plan provides 100% coverage on most common healthcare services. That means our members get a plan with no deductible and zero copays on most common healthcare services — the kind our members actually use, giving you peace of mind as you take full advantage of your health plan!

Ditch old deductible mindsets.

Plenty of insurance companies put deductibles in place to say, “Hey members – you’ll be responsible to pay the first few thousand dollars of your bills, and then our insurance will kick in after that.” How confusing and unhelpful is that?

At Gravie, you’re covered from day one. There aren’t any “gotcha” moments or loopholes. If you’re a member, we honor our coverage immediately. This year, you can put your health first without worrying about what the bill will be.

For those more uncommon or unexpected healthcare expenses, there’s Gravie Pay®.

Our Comfort plan covers most healthcare services at no cost, but a few less common expenses are subject to members’ responsibility (but only up to their out-of-pocket maximum). Gravie Pay gives eligible members an interest-free, pay-over-time way to spread out payments for any medical bill, planned or unexpected.

Leverage the mobile app.

Most health companies have a mobile app for members to download — but we promise that ours really is user-friendly and helpful! It’s especially nice to have on hand when you’re at the doctor. Left your ID card at home? Just pull up the app to get the necessary info. Checking to see what’s covered by your plan? It’s in there! Need to reference a past claim? All your records are in one place in the app.

Find doctors in your network.

One of the main things to pay attention to when scheduling an appointment is making sure your doctor is in-network. This is another great way to use our app. You can also easily search providers in our web portal to look for a new doctor in your area, or to make sure your preferred provider is in our network.

Check out virtual resources.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a surge in virtual healthcare services. But did you know through Gravie, eligible members can access things like physical therapy, mental health care, free fitness classes and more from home, too? Our app  is a great place to start to explore all the virtual services we offer at no cost.

Use Gravie Care® whenever you need a helping hand.

Want more details about a bill, brochure, email or another piece you got in the mail from us? Call Gravie Care. Need help finding an in-network doctor? Call Gravie Care!

If you’ve got a question, Gravie Care probably has a helpful answer for you. Our team of advisors is available from 7a.m.-7p.m. CT to help you navigate anything related to your health benefits and getting the best care.

We know how complicated and overwhelming health insurance can be. But know that with Gravie, we’ve got your back with great coverage and helpful advisors available whenever you need them.

“Comfort is the best insurance I’ve ever had. A+. 10/ 10.” – Meli, Gravie Comfort Member

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