Enhance Employee Wellbeing with Access to Digital Fitness

September 14, 2022


The importance of supporting employee wellbeing became undeniably apparent for employers everywhere over the past few years. And now there’s more focus than ever before on our collective mental, emotional, and physical health since the pandemic flipped the world upside down.

Parents were overwhelmed with juggling full-time jobs from home, while guiding their children through online learning. Gym goers were no longer able to maintain their same fitness routines due to social distancing protocols. Remote work became overwhelming and all-encompassing for people who were expected to be available around the clock. Everyone’s situation is unique, but one thing became abundantly clear for all: we need to better prioritize our health and wellbeing.

More than a perk

According to a McKinsey survey, 68% of respondents reported prioritizing their health more after the onset of the pandemic. With many relying on exercise to stay healthy, employers started to adopt at-home digital fitness solutions for their employees. Different apps and platforms offering live streamed fitness classes, wellness coaching, exercise challenges and much more provided an avenue for people to stay active while at home – and at a time that worked best for their schedules.

Providing access to digital fitness and health solutions isn’t just a “perk” for employees; in many cases, it’s vital to relieving high stress levels often associated with work today. The American Psychological Association 2021 Work and Well-being Survey reported that 32% of respondents have work stress that is causing emotional exhaustion, and three in five said that it’s impacting their motivation, energy, and effort levels at work.

Prioritizing employees’ health and wellness is not only the right thing to do, but there’s a business benefit to it as well. The CDC reports that there are cost savings associated with providing a workplace health program, which can be measured against increased productivity, reduced overtime to cover absent employees, and costs to train replacement employees. A study from the US Chamber of Commerce also found that 60% of employers said workplace wellness programs reduced their overall healthcare costs.

Digital solutions that lead to healthier lifestyles

Expanding access to digital solutions that can improve physical health, enhance mindfulness, ward off health challenges and increase overall wellbeing is a smart move for employers looking to offer holistic health benefits to their employees.

Gravie’s newest fitness partner, Peerfit +FitOn, is one of the world’s largest health and fitness platforms, removes barriers that often prevent members from achieving a healthier lifestyle. Gravie members (18+) now have unlimited access to FitOn’s library of 30K+ virtual classes, including cardio, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, meditation, dance and barre, as well as nutrition guides, meal plans, fitness courses and challenges, and more.

FitOn’s library is included with all Gravie health plans at no additional cost. Employers also have the option to add on in-person fitness credits through Peerfit, to further support the health and wellness of their employees.

This new solution is also designed to remove barriers that often prevent individuals from prioritizing fitness – whether it’s geographical distance to the gym, lack of fitness knowledge, or the high cost of a personal trainer or gym membership.

At Gravie, we’re focused on creating a health plan people love. That now includes greater access to digital health and fitness services for employees and their families that will keep them healthy.

Offer your clients or employees a flexible fitness solution that’s easy to use, easy to manage and easy to enjoy through Gravie. Contact us to get started.

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