Data shows Comfort® promotes long-term health and wellness

May 3, 2024

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In 2023, love for Comfort continued with:

  • An 81%-member satisfaction rate (compared to the 56% industry average).
  • Members spending 40% less on out-of-pocket expenses compared to employees on traditional plans.
  • Members accessing 92% of healthcare visits for free (compared to 46% on traditional plans).

Comfort was created to go against the grain of the antiquated plan design that has ruled the healthcare system for too long – members receiving surprise bills in the mail, being confronted with expensive copays at the clinic, and forced to hit sky-high deductibles before full coverage kicks in.

With Comfort, Gravie is revolutionizing the status quo and offering benefits that eliminate cost barriers, provide value to all participants and promote better long-term health – benefits that employees actually want to use. As we dive into last year’s plan performance data, two facts continue to ring true:

Comfort’s efficient plan design prioritizes member health today, leading to savings tomorrow. 

  • The Comfort plan spends $1,500 less per year on claims than traditional, copay and HSA plans. 
  • On average, employees with Comfort saved $101 per month on claims compared to those on traditional, copay and HSA plans. 
  • Savings aren’t limited to doctor’s visits: Comfort members also had 52% more pharmacy fills at no cost than traditional plan members. 
  • Worth the switch: With 100% coverage on most common healthcare services, members are incentivized to use their benefits in order to stay healthy and avoid costly and catastrophic claims down the road.

When health benefits are easy to understand, people use — and value — them more. 

  • 76% of Comfort members find it ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ to work with Gravie (compared to the industry average of 63%).
  • Comfort members went to the doctor more often: they utilized urgent care 60% more and office visits 7% more than traditional plan members did, while also spending 2.5x less out of pocket on ER visits.
  • Comfort members utilized 18% more mental health services than traditional plan members last year. With comprehensive mental health coverage and convenient virtual visits through Teladoc Health, Comfort makes it easy for members to get the level of mental health support they need to stay healthy.

We often hear that Comfort sounds too good to be true, but the latest performance report speaks for itself. We also consistently feel the love from members with feedback such as, “I recommend Gravie to all my friends because the coverage is outstanding and the customer care is unlike any other.”

This plan design is not only revolutionary,  it’s sustainable with years of data showing it really works for employees and employers alike.

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