Comfort – A Closer Look at Plan Performance 

May 13, 2022

Comfort Performance Report

When we created Comfort™, we set out to fix the broken healthcare system. Too many employers and employees today don’t feel like they’re getting value out of their health plan. Costs rise year after year while coverage is getting worse and increasingly difficult to navigate.

With Comfort, we’re reversing these trends by offering health benefits members can actually use with coverage that’s easy to understand.

Who wins with Comfort?

A core principle of Comfort is aligning the interests of everyone involved – starting with the member who is using the health plan, the employer who is sponsoring it, brokers who are seeking competitive solutions for their clients, and the health plan itself. Aligning the interests of everyone in the value chain ensures a sustainable and well-performing model.

So how is everyone faring on our Comfort plan?

The proof is in the pudding: according to most recent round of data from Comfort’s performance to date, the numbers clearly show that Comfort is achieving exactly what it was designed to do.

Key findings:

Employers are saving on monthly premiums, both when switching to Comfort and when it comes time for renewals.

Our Surgical Underwriting™ approach ensures employers are maximizing their investment and controlling costs. When switching to Gravie, employers save on average 16%, and they sustain their savings year after year with renewal rates well below the national average (4.4% increase compared to an 8-10% conservative national average), thanks to a plan design that promotes better outcomes.

Members are accessing more services than ever before.

Simply put, when compared to individuals on traditional copay and HSA plans, Comfort members are getting more healthcare. They’re accessing a wide array of no-cost visits including preventive care, primary care, specialist visits, labs and imaging, generic prescriptions, online care and more. In fact, Comfort members experienced 6% more healthcare encounters on Comfort vs. traditional copay and HSA plans.

Members’ increased healthcare engagement is leading to better outcomes and better plan performance — which translates to savings for employers.

Insurance companies often consider healthcare utilization a negative thing, but not at Gravie. We’re helping members engage with the healthcare system in a healthy way – to pursue better outcomes. And with Comfort, that’s what’s happening. Comfort members are experiencing 7% fewer inpatient hospital encounters and 5% fewer emergency room visits. Instead, they’re more frequently tapping into lower-cost services like urgent care or preventative care solutions to get the care they need before their health issue becomes catastrophic.

Members are saving at least $80 per month on out-of-pocket expenses.

Last but not least, members are saving, too. All those no-cost services Comfort boasts lead to an average savings of $80/month on out-of-pocket expenses that Gravie members don’t need to pay. With Comfort, 85% of members’ healthcare encounters and 97% of their prescriptions are covered at no cost to them whatsoever.

Comfort offers a richer, more usable benefit and lower cost of care. It’s why members are raving and 93% of employers are renewing (compared to the national average of 66-75%).

Comfort is truly an innovative plan that’s making a real difference in people’s lives by keeping them healthier and saving money for them and their employers. We’re proud to say we really are making headway in fixing the broken healthcare system —  and now we’ve got the numbers to back it up.

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