What Happens if the ACA is Repealed?


Gravie’s CEO, Abir Sen, shares his perspective on what to expect if the ACA were to be repealed. 

As the political climate heats up ahead of the 2016 presidential election, there’s a lot of chatter about repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For people that are covered by an individual health insurance plan, this may cause concern about the long-term health of their insurance.

As a famous NFL quarterback said not too long ago, R-E-L-A-X. Regardless of which party takes the White House and what that president chooses to do—or not do—with the ACA, the fact of the matter is that the effect on the individual market will be mostly neutral. Here’s why:

The ACA’s “guaranteed issue” provision isn’t at risk. One of the most important parts of the ACA is what’s called “guaranteed issue.” This means health insurance companies can no longer deny an application for any health reason, or exclude any pre-existing conditions from coverage. Even if the ACA is repealed, “guaranteed issue” is not going away. Neither political party is currently proposing that the provision be removed from any replacement legislation. As a result, insurance coverage would continue largely as is. Even if the “exchanges” go away, people would simply buy their coverage directly from the insurer, or through an intermediary like Gravie where they can compare their options across all insurers. It is true that in the absence of the exchanges, government tax credits would no longer exist. However it is likely that in an alternative world there would still be ways for lower income people to get financial assistance to buy their insurance.

We get this question about the ACA a lot. It is important to recognize that the Gravie business model isn’t built around the ACA. We don’t exist as a result of the ACA. Instead, we fundamentally believe that everyone deserves insurance independence. We’re here to help individuals and employers take control of their healthcare by offering unbiased information and support before, during, and after coverage decisions are made. If the ACA is repealed, our core business model won’t change. Period.

No matter what happens politically with the ACA, Gravie remains a constant and that’s great news for you. You simply don’t have to worry. There’s no reason to delay making insurance decisions or wonder how your coverage may be impacted.