The Story Behind the Name Gravie



When we started Gravie, we knew we’d get a lot of questions. We were, after all, starting a company that was taking something complicated and confusing (health insurance) and making it accessible and easy to understand for consumers. But one of the most common questions we hear often is how we arrived at the name Gravie. To start, Gravie is pronounced “gray-vee.” That’s right, just like the food.

When we brainstormed company name ideas, we kept thinking about how important benefits are to most people. Yet, often times the focus is on salary and the rest of their benefits package (health insurance, 401k, etc.) is viewed as something extra, like gravy.

Knowing that we wanted to make that “something extra” available to everyone, we saw ourselves being the gravy of the insurance and benefits world. Gravie is a better way for employers to offer benefits to their employees.  Not to mention we didn’t want a stale and boring name, which you see all too often in this industry. 

We decided to spell the company name Gravie to avoid confusion and help us stand out even more. We’ve made Gravie one of a kind, with a name to match.

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